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About Johnny Depp’s Extravagant Spending Habits, TMG, and The Media

OK. You find out that you have a cause to suspect that the people who you’ve trusted your finances with for years and years, have been gradually skimming money off the top of your earnings, knowing that you’re not exactly the type of a person who keeps a keen eye on his finances. Do you […]

I’ve been constantly angry and I am afraid it shows…

I’ve said this a lot lately, and I keep saying it because it is constantly bugging me. I’m virtually isolated from anyone physical at the moment, apart from my Ex-husband Current Best Friend and Flat Mate, E.C.B.F.F. I’m not really angry in person, I’m mostly cheery and up beat, but as soon as I’m alone, […]

Organ donations and my lack of will to play

I get chills at the thought of doctors hovering over my dead body waiting for a permission to harvest my organs, as someone gives them the permission: “That’s what she would have wanted.” It isn’t, though. I know it’s… illogical. I won’t be needing them and they could save someone’s life, and still, I don’t […]

OMG the selfie-obsession! I know what it is! LOL

I love taking selfies. Or hate it, I’m not sure, but I’m rather obsessed with them, really. So when Russell Brand raised the question about narcissism and how we keep taking tons and tons of selfies… I felt a bit of a sting, really. Now… I like the way I look, but I also feel […]

“Cut the BS” webinars and other frustrations

You know these “live” webinars that promise to tell you something you don’t already know about making money online? I am such a sucker for these. I know how they work, and STILL, I get all excited about them and I sign up only to go ooooh määän, this is the same junk as every […]



I said:

Do not make friends with jealous people. They will want to see you suffer as much as they can before they allow you to succeed. #LOA