Alternative psychology

I view psychology from a new perspective. I believe that instead of looking for problems and traumas, we should be putting equal effort in looking for good, positive reasons for seemingly abnormal behaviours or situations we are facing. I believe there is always a good reason for any emotion or behaviour, and that once we get to the root of the problem, we can start clearing the problems surrounding it. Surprisingly, the behaviour itself may not be the problem but the problem may lie in the way we view the behaviour or problem.

I am a certified, self-trained life coach, and I am specialized in human relationships and sexuality, this including the societal bias against men, describing them as some kind of emotionally insufficient half of our species, failing to understand the differences in the male/female thinking and unnecessarily promoting the female point of view over the male.

My theories have a basis in the belief that the soul exists and that it reincarnates and that our way of being, thinking and living is tightly wrapped up in the background from which we came from – previous life times. Modern society wants to box people into quite tight moulds, and this causes problems in people who have lived centuries worth of adventurous or unusual life. A boy who, in previous life times has joined the navy or signed up to work on a ship at 9 years of age is bound to find the life in a class room slightly… restrictive, and being told to sit down and be quiet rather humiliating, don’t you think, to mention one good example.

I have been especially intrigued by soulmate relationships and the way they appear in this time. As we are conditioned to  not believe in true love or expect much from highly sexual relationships (there’s two kinds; one doesn’t last, the other one is unbreakable, but both seem dubious to say the least) we are TRAINED to discard true love at the earliest opportunity. What plagues our society is the need to avoid all kind of pain or discomfort to the level that we feel anything that requires a bit of work is not worth doing… Apart from a University degree of course, preferably in a field of study you loathe…


My Topics:

Soul bond lovers

Alternative psychology

Gender bias against men

Polyamory, Polygamy (Polyandry, Polygyny and group marriage)

Past lives


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