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Life coach & Theorist

I took a life coaching course in 2011 and got certified as a life coach. What was truly powerful for me however, was the fact that I started out by following some advice on the material I was given and also what I found online, and I still haven’t stopped learning. Every day I learn something […]

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Tasmanian local

I can be found in one of the most amazing places in the world, where I wound up in 2008 on a holiday trip and never wanted to leave. One year later, I moved to Tasmania with my then husband, my current best friend and flatmate, Brett. Sometimes life gets too busy to enjoy all […]

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Me on YouTube

You might have seen me on YouTube talking about intense love relationships. I post sporadically from my home studio… Or the studio in the shed, my Shedio, and you can still catch me on YouTube because that stuff will never go away… Or will it? Check out my channel.

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Get in touch

Wish to speak to me privately? I do private consultations, please send a small donation to speak with me. Puhun äidinkielenäni suomea jos tuntuu mukavammalta.

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Nothing to report right now. 🙂