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Life coach & Theorist

I took a life coaching course in 2011 and got certified as a life coach. What was truly powerful for me however, was the fact that I started out by following some advice on the material I was given and also what I found online, and I still haven’t stopped learning. Every day I learn something […]

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Guidance Online

I can be found in one of the most amazing places in the world, where I wound up in 2008 on a holiday trip and never wanted to leave. One year later, I moved to Tasmania with my then husband, my current best friend and flatmate, Brett. Sometimes life gets too busy to enjoy all […]

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Cute on YouTube

I have a channel on YouTube that I update when I feel the urge to do so. Despite all advice to keep to a regular schedule, I am a person who doesn’t like working on a schedule so I won’t. I find even the thought of keeping up with regular updates on other people’s channels […]

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My main blog can be found at, and I offer memberships by application for people willing to pay something for the guidance. The sum is up to you because I offer services from unemployed people to celebrities and millionaires, so it makes no sense trying to come up with a fixed fee that suits everyone. […]

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Nothing to report right now. 🙂