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The Free Spirit Theory is a New Age philosophy that sees life as a balance between the light and the dark. It is a balance-spiritual approach to human life, as opposed to philosophies always aiming toward a light-spiritual (Angelic God idea) or dark-spiritual (Satanic God) approach. Many of the concepts are derived from light-spirituality and adapted towards a more balanced goal; including erasing self-sacrificing ideals and continual dismissal of sexuality and physical side of human life. The goal is not to fight one side or the other but to balance them both.

The Free Spirit Theories include

  • Genesis and Evolution
  • Meta Blueprinting
  • Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology
  • Ego – studying self (authenticity)
  • Two-tier relationship Personality-Bonding mode Typology
  • Soul Age Levels (As much as I try to get away from them!!)

Authored by Riina “Sebastyne” Rinkineva, the Free Spirit Theories offer a new, psycho-spiritual approach to relationships and life situations. The Free Spirit Theory is born with the approach of a skeptical study of spirituality and all scientific studies, erasing “benefit of the doubt” from the picture. With or without permission, Rinkineva (pronounced ring-key-nevah) went on to question all authorities, spiritual and scientific alike, to form an independent world view, with one goal only: Finding and understanding the truth about “everything” with the assumption that no fact or assumption about reality can contradict another fact or assumption of reality. Everything is connected, everything must fit onto the same plane of reality, and therefore everything must have a logical, clean and consistent explanation.

“I do not have faith nor trust in people’s ability to know the truth if it shat on them.
I do not take pride in having faith or trust in people, no matter how accomplished.
What I have is a brain and a whole heap of questions.”

According to the Free Spirit Theory, the¬†truth can always withstand questioning, and it is what it is without the need of us knowing it. Since the dawn of time people have attempted to find out the truth about our existence and the purpose of it all, and God has done his best to answer those questions to people with varying abilities to understand those questions. God doesn’t punish those who insist on a better answer. He rewards it by forcing you to dig it out for yourself even after you lost your will to do it.

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