About me

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I am a psycho-spiritual theorist and a life coach, which means that I work to combine some deep psychology with deep understanding of how the spiritual part of our beings work together with our every day life.

I am a clairvoyant, clairaudient, psychic empath, and use these skills to logically piece the ‘spiritual’ together to our physical and psychological existence. I am also a skeptic and do not take anyone’s word for anything, if I cannot sense it or logically conclude what it is or isn’t I hold my opinion until I find some logical argument to support it or discredit it. As a skeptic, I am also skeptical towards my own previously held beliefs and question them thoroughly, and adjust as I discover and understand more about life.

I am the originator of the Free Spirit Theory, the Spirit Mirror Soulmate Typology and some others and base my teachings on these theories.

Because everything is connected, you can aim to figure out how to get great sex  and wind up with the perfect career plan as a side product!