Personality Mirror Types

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Exact Mirror Personality (Non-compromising, purifying soulmates)

True Spirit Mirrors; 1st Tier Exact Mirror Personality

“I adore you for your flaws that I call lovable quirks, perfect imperfections and want none of your hypocrisy, as I adore your evil streak as much as I adore your kindness.”

Mature (stage) True Spirit Mirror (old, established, fully developed connection)
Growing (stage)/ Interrupted True Spirit Mirror (Growing state connection)
Uncharted (stage) True Spirit Mirror (New, completely undeveloped connection)

Taboo Spirit Mirrors (Faux Messiah Mirror, or jokingly “the False Prophet Mirror”) (A sexual connection to someone traditionally considered a taboo.)

Bosom Spirit Mirrors; 2nd Tier Exact Personality Mirrors

“I love you through and through, with every breath of my body, but we must understand that we are each other’s support team, not ultimate lovers, and therefore accept the second seat.”

Messiah Mirror  (liberator of your authentic self; best friend, someone to conquer the world with.)

Liberating Spirit Mirror (Sexual Bosom Mirror, liberates your sexuality rather than your personality.)

Inflamed Spirit Mirror (existing connection in severe crisis; Will be any of the above, define if necessary.)

Between the Perfect and the Partial Personality Mirrors:

Undecided Spirit Mirror (incomplete personality traits or unrecognised fetishes, needs. All, both of one partner has not yet decided who they are or who they want to become, etc. Potentially a perfect lover or friend, but is too early to tell.)

Partial Personality Mirrors (Compromising Soulmates)

“I don’t think I should expect for more of a relationship, realistically I think you are as good as I’ll ever find.”

Exciting Partial Personality Mirror (Active and inactive – a highly compatible but not a perfect soulmate)
Healing Personality Mirror (”battery recharger”)
Active Partial Personality Mirror (Closely connected in previous life times, through marriage or some intense experience)
Mirage Spirit (active and inactive modalities – an idol, sage or guru mistaken for a plausible love interest)
Vaporizing Personality Mirror (persistent sexual attraction that is instantly forgotten after acting on it)
Inactive Partial Personality Mirror (Normal, everyday people with no special soul connection)

Antagonist Personality Mirrors

“I have special feelings of severe dislike toward you!”

Junk Shop Window Personality (What you see is what you are not and don’t want to be)
Elite Shop Window Personality (What you see is what you are not but wish you were)
Propelling Mirror (respected but infuriating competitor, worthy adversary)
Kryptonite Mirror (What they are nullifies who you are; Star/Heart -thinker imbalance)

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