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A note to anyone who might have wound up here


You likely tried to access one of my other blogs that all now redirect here. You might already know me a little, but I wanted to give you a little insight to what the **** I’m doing!

You know I am a spiritual teacher and researcher or what not, right? I’ve come to this position in an unusual way… When I first started out, I had a VERY basic idea of what I was even supposed to be doing. Teaching was not my goal then, just to find my own place in this world, but nearly as soon as I started, I started writing a blog about my experiences. Now… As my area of knowledge got bigger and bigger, the “spirit guides” in my head, each representing a type of a person, tried to guide me to a niche area in spirituality or whatever else I was interested in. This created this manic need to start new blogs for freaking everyone and to try and split into smaller “digestible” pieces of personality.

Yesterday, I had some form of an epiphany. And granted, similar moments have happened before, and I always follow… But let’s just hope one of these days one of these decisions stick because if you’re all sick of it, imagine how I feel… 😀  Anyway…. I believe that I have been *made to* confuse you all as much possible during the time period as I was still building my theories just so that I wouldn’t gather up too big or a following too early on. As I said, I started out a complete novice to the type of spirituality that people consider “spiritual”.

I feel a lot calmer again, and although these calm moments have come and gone before, they come at faster intervals and last longer these days. I believe I am coming to a closure of some sort, and will be ready to calm the fuck down soon enough… And I still won’t stop swearing. I have no intention of conforming, just to calm down a bit. I’ve been a bit manic, I know that.

So… One Twitter. One Instagram. One Facebook. One domain (this one)..!! Scary! 😀

Now I am debating whether or not I should have left my company website the way it was, but I it’s gone, too… Oops. It would take me about 15 minutes to put it back up I suppose. 😀


Some things I’ve said

One who has had great sex or fallen in love, thinks they're the only one who has. One who has not thinks they're the only one who has not.

Some things they said

“The most challenging teacher I have ever had.”

“Since meeting you my brain has been in a constant debate with itself. Trust me that’s a really good thing and a massive compliment. :)”

“A true thinker. A rarity.”


“Gave me a reality check in the sense of woman’s perspective.”

“Weird, but also, a genius.”

“Before I contacted her, my life was an unhappy mess, and I was losing it, badly. Well, a few discussions later, my life changed direction. And now I am alive. Truly alive. My life is full of energy and full of the essence which makes me a man. And I have everything I was looking for, and more.”

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