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My blog is a vast resource of self-help life coaching material for people who love to figure stuff out for themselves. I shoot from one topic to the next as it comes up, and most of my material is somehow relevant to everybody – if  not for yourself you will certainly know someone who could also use that insight, so don’t be shy to share it around.

This life coaching blog is for:

  • Twin Flames who feel the standard Twin Flame theory doesn’t quite answer all of their questions as well as they’d hope
  • Men who feel oppressed in a female-centric, male-negative society (Yeah, we do get them.) and women who feel pressured to live in a more masculine way. Read this to get you started.
  • People who are poly-curious or looking to awaken their authentic sexuality one way or another.
  • People who wish to get in touch with their authentic, inner being; their soul (non-edited, warts and all.)
  • People who are tired of pretending to be something they are not.
  • People who are trying to start a business (or make their living through their art or philosophy) with no investment and no money to do it (you’d have to be crazy but that’s what it is sometimes.)
  • Life coaching for celebrities and celebrity soulmates from both sides of the fence
  • People who find themselves limited in their lives and feel different on the positive: too smart for their small lives.
  • People who feel weighed down or held back by their relatives or friends even
  • People who find themselves having trouble communicating with specific people while working fine with others
  • Spiritual masters – spiritual teachers who are more interested in the truth and discovering the true power of their  own intuition; who are not afraid of the tough questions or peering into the dark side as well as the light.
  • People interested in the law of attraction (that should be all of you)

I work through my own specified methods and teach them all to you so that you can use them in your own life for yourself. I offer both paid and free life coaching through the blog, currently, though, and I am sure you are very disappointed, I am focusing on free material, as I am still developing my own unique approach to coaching, that is proving to be very effective and worth every bit of effort and sacrifice.

You can also check out my videos on YouTube.

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About the site is the home of the Free Spirit Theory and it's sub-theories, including the Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology. The theories are original work based on other spiritual theories, with the attempt of purifying them from misconceptions, over-mystification, and cross-contamination; as in several theories that attempt to explain the same thing from sometimes mutually exclusive assumptions being forced into the same belief systems. The Free Spirit Theories rely on two main assumptions: This Universe is organized perfectly, therefore no truth can contradict another truth; there cannot be a separation between "a spiritual truth" and "a physical truth" but these must make sense and function in perfect unison. Nothing is disregarded as "cannot happen" simply because there is no explanation for it, and the explanation can never be "you're mistaken or hallucinating", the explanation, even for things that are interpreted incorrectly (and there's a lot of things like that) must be better than "pictures or it didn't happen". Enjoy.


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