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I’m toying with some old themes to see if I would revive something or start over…

Some things I’ve said

Your children will forgive you for not always managing to fill their stomach, but they will never forgive you for the failure of filling their hearts.

Some things they said

“The most challenging teacher I have ever had.”

“Since meeting you my brain has been in a constant debate with itself. Trust me that’s a really good thing and a massive compliment. :)”

“A true thinker. A rarity.”


“Gave me a reality check in the sense of woman’s perspective.”

“Weird, but also, a genius.”

“Before I contacted her, my life was an unhappy mess, and I was losing it, badly. Well, a few discussions later, my life changed direction. And now I am alive. Truly alive. My life is full of energy and full of the essence which makes me a man. And I have everything I was looking for, and more.”

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Personal news; calming down

Last edit on July 19, 2017

The way the spirit interacts with one’s psyche is quite an interesting topic to study. It seems that the people who take a strong interest in who you are, what you do, how you carry yourself and generally speaking how you live your life, are always with you in some form. I do think that there is some level of […]

Starting to look really, really bad to people?

Last edit on July 20, 2017

“Sometimes when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place.” I don’t know who said that, but I love that quote. Sometimes… We have a need to destroy our life the way that we know it. Some people have tried for years to break chains, people’s expectations on us, friendships we don’t need or want, only to […]

Is a Nice Person Always Nice?

Last edit on July 20, 2017

If I told you that you have a range of sensations inside you, and you will allocate sensations like hearing a certain phrase from another person even if they didn’t say it because that’s what you expected to hear from them, you’d call me crazy. If I suggested, that whenever you touch a hot plate, you’re supposed to feel it to […]


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