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Johnny Depp abuses his kitchen cabinets and Amber Heard films it

OK, here’s the abuse in question. I am sure there’s much more to it, but this is certainly giving us a good peek to what Amber Heard has been talking about.

So something has upset Johnny during the morning, we don’t know what it is, to me, it seems probably work related, and don’t think it is likely to be about Amber at all, because at no stage Johnny is actually referring to her being the cause of his anger (let alone her bisexuality that “so bothers him”). “Were you here?” He asks. “No” She replies. “Then NOTHING happened TO YOU this morning!” Amber, who I am sure would gladly think she’s the only thing on his mind at all times, wasn’t even there at the time of his temper being flared. He repeats it: “Did something happen TO YOU, this morning? I don’t think so!” He’s being overly dramatic, too, perhaps even exaggerating the anger, rather than actually losing control of it, because he feels he is in a safe place to actually have a temper tantrum – his home… And, dare I say it – is there a bit of acting going on, particularly playing the role of a wronged actor whose art is not being taken seriously enough, perhaps? NOTHING to do with Amber.

He wasn’t, at any stage, abusive or threatening towards Amber, the only thing he implied (didn’t say it out loud or anything:) “this is not about you – and I do not expect you to understand.” (By saying “nothing happened to you this morning” (but that something happened to him.)  To me, that also spoke: “I will explain later once I’ve had a moment of artistic rage.”

Let me remind you that this is a guy who can afford to smash a few things in his home. He’s good for it. A lot of other women could have an issue with smashed kitchen cabinet doors that will stay that way for 10 years because they can’t afford to replace them, but not Johnny. It’s OK for him to smash kitchen doors – calculated anger, DIRECTED anger, the stuff they teach you at anger management classes. 😀 “Smash something that isn’t important” – such as kitchen cabinets or doors. Hell, I’ve gone off on a chair like that, myself, repeatedly kicking it against the wall – but there’s no video to prove it. (No chairs was harmed during that episode, the wall lost a bit of paint.)

In the end of the video, he’s saying: “I’ll show you crazy” while pouring wine into a glass. What he means by “crazy” is anyone’s guess but here’s mine: He is planning to fill up the glass and then, without drinking it, he’s about to smash it against the wall or the floor. That would have been crazy, kind of theatrical crazy, crazy light if you will, but still, crazy. I have NO REASON to think “I’ll show you crazy” meant “I will smash your face in”.

So you’re Johnny Depp. You’re having an artistic rant in your kitchen to play up your anger about something relatively minor… And you figure out your trusted wife is secretly recording it, and what possible reason could she have to record it apart from planning to send it to the media at some appropriate time of her choosing.


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