My main blog can be found at, and I offer memberships by application for people willing to pay something for the guidance. The sum is up to you because I offer services from unemployed people to celebrities and millionaires, so it makes no sense trying to come up with a fixed fee that suits everyone. The main thing is that you value my ideas ENOUGH to feel it necessary to balance the Karmic scales, if not, my site isn’t for you. Why do I do it this way is because I don’t want to exclude anyone. My stuff is SO VERSATILE, I find it difficult to even contemplate limiting the audience, instead, I divide you into suitable groups once you’re in, hence asking for an application to join. I don’t think a deal gets better than that. 🙂


Seb… Ah yeah, I decided to change my name finally. Like officially. I’ll be known as Alpha Rinkineva once I get the process through. 40 years in the making, and I feel freaking victorious. 😉