Tarot Reading (current offer)

Extensive (exhaustive) Twin Flame Tarot reading online through email. US$300 Every question you currently have, includes assessment of possible errors in assumptions vs. reality. “A Twin Flame reality check” without being anti-true love; removal of excess focus on the spirit realm and bringing you back towards physical manifestation of the connection rather than keeping it “a fantasy”, depending on the complexity of your situation. Not always what you want to hear but what you need to hear – people who TRULY want real love, not to bury themselves in fantasies and needless mysticism find my readings invigorating and empowering, men have also found my readings great and helpful (even more consistently than women).

The goal is to take some blinders off, find real clarity, and exit the fantasy world towards a REAL reunion. Reunion avoidant – Twin Flame “chasers” will not find my readings helpful but stressful, you know the kind of women who blame the guy for all of their problems simply because they don’t really want the physical relationship but the fantasy of it, and the drama of separation that they can talk about extensively with their girlfriends online… My energies are not a good match with theirs. My readings put the focus on what YOU can do to improve your chances of reunion, not find flaw in the other party (unless there is some real issue in there), because you can’t force another person to do the work you are unwilling to do yourself.

Some points:
– Removal of false ego (remember a false ego consists solely of perceived positive traits, the true ego can be a little ugly or “undesirable” to everyone but your Twin Flame.)
– Removal of the biggest spiritual misunderstandings regarding Twin Flames (if I can pick some up)
– Uplifting your mutual sexual quirks that will make reunion possible (avoiding raw sexuality is a HUGE problem in a Twin Flame relationship)
– Anything that will come up, often unpredictable stuff

I will also be able to help you FIND your Twin Flame should they be not there yet, or give you an idea where you are at with that.

Give me as much background information as you like, or as little as you like. I can do a cold reading for you, but can get a lot deeper a lot faster with some background information, particularly a photograph of you both if you can arrange it.

Note; I don’t offer readings regularly, jump on it!

(Ring-Key-Nevah is the phonetic spelling of my last name and the name of my company.)

Once I receive an email notification of your payment from PayPal, I will contact you to the email address you sent the payment through – unless you have given me another reply to -address in the special instructions.