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Basics of the Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology

How both the connections and the theory of it came to be

The Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology is an attempt to identify and describe all relationship types known to humanity (so far). Sounds impossible? Well, yeah, it is a bit. I don’t know if I have gotten it all, but I will add to it when I find one that doesn’t fit the existing descriptions. Yet, it is the most advanced relationship typology of any kind there is… I think. đŸ˜€ It takes into account both the spiritual aspects and the psychological aspects, and unlike psychological theories, it runs in the context of eternal life and soul bonds, and unlike spiritual theories, it explains relationship problems with psychology rather than obscure external influences of astrology or numerology or “divine timing”, giving you the tools to actually do something about your relationship outcomes rather than passively waiting for your problems to be “solved”.

The way our relationships develop has nothing to do with an external force or God telling you to “be in love with that person because I created that one for you.” (A) god may point out someone to you, but only because he knows you WILL love them, not because he’s telling you to. You know how you make friends in this lifetime (or others do, at least, if you’re one of those people. đŸ˜‰ ) and you see how they get closer and closer as time goes on. Now, as immortal reincarnating souls, we have an endless amount of time at our disposal, some people get closer to one another than others, some love each other more than others and as we keep doing this, we get more and more tangled into the same people and relationships that we seek out or surrender to.

Not all of these soul-bond relationships are healthy or wanted. Some are down right abusive and self-serving. Most of our relationships are, by and large. It is rare to have a relationship that is completely based on true, genuine, deep love and adoration that you both feel for one another, it exists, but it won’t be able to come into lives of people who want relationships for solely self-serving purposes, regardless of the other person’s needs or wants; obviously. Most people still form relationships in order to survive and to be physically safe, not because they actually enjoy the other person’s company. The Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology attempts to make a clear description of these relationship types; what are they truly based on and what are the symptoms of love that is based on the need to survive and the belief that taking advantage of another person’s kindness and sense of duty is real love, the symptoms of true friendship or what are the symptoms of the real, true, authentic love that exists only between people who are selfish only in the need of enjoying the others company, their thoughts, their fetishes and everything that they genuinely are – because nothing in this world could be better than that.

The Personality Mirror Soulmate Types can be found from the navigation bar, and here.

The Typology also dives deep into the reasons why people run away from these great feelings of love, how society has altered the way we think about love and how we must make an effort to clear societally imposed psychological traumas from ourselves in order to heal ourselves enough to give and receive true authentic love.

The Typology has a lot of uses, not only personal but also professional, particularly in the creative fields. Although you can write a pretty good love story of the top of your hat, understanding love profiles will give you a whole other angle and depth to your writing or expression of love.


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