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A rock fan. A thinker. A psychic empath and a channel, a Tarot reader. The lover of men, kings, and gods. An eternal romance analyser. A polyandrist. A romantic pervert. (A psycho-spiritual life coach.)


Definition of adulthood

Two different ways to see it:

  • You can do whatever you like when you are a child as long as you don’t hurt yourself or others, but once you grow up, you have to do your duty, be responsible and obey an authority.
  • While you’re a child and dependent on someone else’s care, you do as you’re told, do your duties, be responsible and obey an authority. Once you are old enough to take care of yourself, you can do whatever you want as long as you don’t harm others (or yourself).

Sadly, both types see the other as “a child” as they grow up and do not behave to the other types expectation. The other fails to ever learn to think for themselves, and the other will never learn to act dutiful and disciplined (and when they try their hardest, they’ll get depressed and suicidal).

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I said

My Twin Soul possesses all the qualities I hate in men; he’s fiercely jealous, clingy, nauseatingly romantic, moody and a bit of an air head… I swoon at his gaze. – How did this happen?


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