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The Basic Relationship Problem

We're trying to connect through opposite ideals

One might assume that when we go into a love relationship that we all seek for the same thing from it. We all tend to believe that “the ideal” is the same for everyone. Because this is not at all true, relationships fail, as one person is forcefully trying to teach the other that ‘relationships are conducted *like this*’ and the other is trying hard to make it obvious to the other that relationships are *like so*, or even more commonly… One dominates, the other one conforms to the other.

This shouldn’t be the case.

At the very core, people can be divided into two groups, that affects all of their life decisions, most importantly, their love life. Which group do you belong in?

  1. You need to feel there must be a true commitment before you feel safe enough to fall in love.
  2. You need to feel you are deeply in love with someone before you feel comfortable making a commitment to them.

Imagine the situation, when one person is trying to fall in love WITH you first, but you’re holding back because they haven’t made a commitment to you yet, and they cannot make a commitment to you because you’re not in love WITH them yet. They don’t want a relationship based on an agreement, and you don’t want a relationship based on something as fickle as love – or vice versa. This website is dedicated to giving its readers the knowledge and understanding to recognize the different types of thinkers on the first date even when they’re trying to hide their type because they think they have to curb their true wishes thinking it can’t have it that way and seek relationships with compatible people only.

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