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Which Relationship Type?

In your heart of hearts, which relationship type sounds the most exciting, fun, and sexy to you? Which type sounds like “of course everyone in my position would do that IF they felt it was OK!”

  • One man is chased by a bunch of wonderful women he adores, while the women have a playful competition over his love and attention, while he loves them all and accepts them all as his equal lovers or “wives”. (Polygyny, MFF+)
  • One woman is chased by a bunch of awesome men she adores, while the men have a playful competition over her love, while she loves and accepts them all as her equal lovers or “husbands”. (Polyandry, FMM+)
  • A group of amazing people of both genders share love and care to each other, while playfully competing over each other’s attention and love, while everyone loves everyone equally. (Polygamy, FF+MM+)
  • A monogamous couple is devoted and committed to each other, but they play with other people who are not a part of their equal monogamous pairing (Monogamy+Polyamory)
  • You are decidedly single but have non-committed relations with other sexy people. (Single Polyamorist.)
  • A couple is completely devoted to each other, and playfully rejects all other offers as they come their way, their idea of fun is “nobody can seduce us!” (Monogamy)

These are the standard forms, please add spices as you will. (Polygyny, polyandry, and polygamy can also have a non-committed polyamorous aspects to them, by the way, the same as the monogamy+polyamory variant.) Also, consider power play; sub, dom, in different modalities. It is often seen as though the male in polygynous relationship is the dominant, and that the woman in the polyandrous relationship is the dominant, but that is not necessarily so. Some men like to “gang up on” a woman, while some women want to “gang up on” a guy.

The more turned on you get, the closer to your correct answer you’re getting.

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