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A rock fan. A thinker. A psychic empath and a channel, a Tarot reader. A single polyandrist looking; The lover of men, kings, and gods. An eternal romance analyzer.  A romantic pervert. Generation X Rebel. A psycho-spiritual life coach.

#CountMeOut of #MeToo – Objections to the pervert hunt

Stop it before you kill all the fun out of life! (Understand the other female perspective.)

If you think it’s scary to speak out when you know 99.9% of people will support you, imagine how I feel like defending sexual harassers. You’re afraid you won’t be believed, I’m afraid people will take me for a troll or that they’ll think I’m mentally unstable. There has always been ways to silence sexually willing women who defend devilish men… Nothing has changed.

Relationship guide for those who are not really interested in sex

You don't have to submit to sex just to have a permanent relationship - conditions apply.

I have noticed that two groups are constantly at odds with each other when it comes to relationships. The sexual and the asexual. (Asexual meaning a person with little or no sexual interest towards other people.) Relationships, to an asexual, can be annoying, as people associate all romantic relationship types (mono or poly) with sex. […]

Personally speaking, I want a gentledom.

You know, a gentleman combined with a perverted male dom...

What I realized, I need a gentleman dom. Someone who has 0 tolerance for resistance. Who expects full submission or loses his patience with you. Someone, who will anger at the slightest of resistance and make you his anyway.

I just watched the unsettling scenes of Chris Lilley’s J’amie King

And made me wonder... Is J'amie really a bitch or has she been misrepresented?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with J’amie. Chris Lilley is an Australian comedian, a 40-something dude dressed up as a high school girl… And this is sooo, so so good. (You’ve gotta watch the entire Chris Lilley production, he is beyond brilliant… But here’s a taster…) Look, I know J’amie is a fictional […]

The fact Kit Harington was bullied to “take it back” is an example of sexisim against men!

"I will be a good little hunk and shut up"

Before we get to Kit Harington and his case, let me just start off with a personal example of what sexism against men. According to my shrink, I am schizophrenic or have an acute psychosis. Both such reassuring, trust-inducing conditions! (My own view is that I am psychic but that is irrelevant in this context.) […]

“I take no shit from him” and what it does to your relationships

What are you after, a war zone or a love affair?

We all know those women. They proudly declare they take no shit from their men, and deliberately pick a fight day in, day out. They view relationships as a power struggle, SOMEONE has to be in charge, and that someone will not be anyone but them… Even when their partner wasn’t really looking to dominate them. […]

Why you should listen to advice that sounds so delicious you’re afraid of it

And why we tend to follow the worst advice

Advice is always given in order to guide others to a happier existence based on one’s own experience and beliefs. The trouble is, what makes you happy may be completely different to what makes me happy. Therefore, my advice is automatically good for only those who think like me. Because we all think that what […]

What do women want, and which woman to listen to?!

How to figure out different kinds of women

There is one good rule of thumb to follow whenever dealing with people: We‘re all different. Anyone who speaks for all women or all men are going to be wrong more often than they are right. It is impossible to figure out what women want, because all women want a different thing, just like all […]

Hugh Hefner dies at 91 leaving a history of dreams realized

One love of my life has passed

I don’t often find myself compelled to write farewells to anyone, really. Hugh Hefner is one of those people who made my world better by simply being in it. I’ve never bought the Playboy magazine – I don’t like girls, but I loved his life. I loved what he did in his time, throughout his […]

Let’s discuss the reasons why the early feminists rose to the barricades

And why things are now FINE for women.

So many people are sheep. The early feminists didn’t fight for every woman to join the workforce or claim that to be a respectable woman you also had to have a job. No. Feminists were needed for an actual pain They fought so that women who didn’t have a maternal instinct or who found that there […]



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