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About Johnny Depp’s “Extravagant Spending Habits”, TMG, and The Media

Just in case you haven't figured out what everyone is doing...

OK. You find out that you have a cause to suspect that the people who you’ve trusted your finances with for years and years, have been gradually skimming money off the top of your earnings, knowing that you’re not exactly the type of a person who keeps a keen eye on his finances. Do you sue? It’s 25 million dollars, which is a large sum of money in anyone’s books, I suppose. That’s Johnny Depp’s corner.

a) Do you sue?

b) Do you pay them “what you owe” when you think they’ve taken 25 million off you without your permission or through their negligence, risking the media touting “the fraud” that since you promised to pay them for the work they did for transferring your files to a new manager, you have committed a fraud because you didn’t.

c) Do you let things slide, turn the blind eye and say: “That’s OK, I’ve got plenty?”

Please answer each question separately.

Now, TMG is probably the one going broke, not Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp has assets, he still owns a crap load of stuff out right, and a man who owns hundreds of millions worth of stuff is not broke by anyone’s standards, even if he had a cash flow issue, which means he might not have enough CASH to make payments at the moment, which means “I’ll sell stuff, even the resemblance of the soul I’ve got left” as he so cutely phrased it.


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