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Twin Flames compared to The Mirror Spirit Soulmate Typology terms

The same spiritual phenomenon, different beliefs and explanations

One of the reasons why I created the Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology is because I noticed different kinds of people spoke about very different types of connections using one single term of “Twin Flame” to describe it. This causes a lot of confusion because these relationships do not function the same way, nor do they attract the same kind of people.

What is in common with the Twin Flame for all of us is that it is the ultimate soul bond any one of us can imagine. This approach is very subjective though, as we all value different things. For example, your mother might be convinced you are her Twin Flame, whereas you might be convinced you are a Twin Flame to someone completely different… If your mother believes the Ultimate connection is between a mother and their child but you are completely devoted to another person… Problems. Real life is more complicated than this. The Twin Flame concept over-simplifies things, and to fix this problem, they’ve created a mass of patchwork of many kinds to explain why things don’t add up.

Here is a rough table presentation on how the different terms relate to each other. Note that there are more definitions in both Twin Flame concept AND the Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology in particular, but I tried to simplify this a little.

 Twin FlameTrue Mirror SpiritsAdjusting Spirit MirrorActive Partial Spirit MirrorsMirage Spirit
The connection was created by...One soul split into two by God in the beginning of time.A couple or a group that has spent countless of life times together out of pure love for each other, as opposed to simply winding up in a situation where they cannot avoid each other.People who share one value together: A commitment, and they've made a commitment to each other and are now adjusting to each other.Soulmates that one or both parties have been semi-reluctant to spend time together but have found it beneficial in some way, or felt they cannot avoid it, perhaps for no other reason but to be polite.A one-sided bond created between an idol and his or her admirer.
RestrictionsHeterosexual monogamous couple. Some sources accept a 50-50% male female energy pairings between same sex couples.Must be based on absolute mutual true love and mutual adoration. A sexual and romantic connection. Other than that, can be polygamous, bisexual, or homosexual.Must be based on mutual wish to "make it work no matter what". Other than that, no restrictions. The Adjusting Spirit Mirror refers to a marriage-like relationship however, although a non-sexual family member variant exists.No strict restrictions, but some character traits are not 100% compatible, and one or both partners are feeling somewhat reluctant to stay in this relationship. Refers to non-ideal sexual/romantic relationships.No restrictions, the definition requires a situation that one partner is nearly unaware of this connection even existing, and does not find the other party very interesting. One-sided unrequited love.
Reincarnation?Meets once in the last incarnation on Earth. After this, the souls are united back into one and they'll join the next plane of existence.Will return to each other until they get sick of each other in some unforeseeable incarnation in about a billion years maybe.The fate of the connection is uncertain, may last several incarnations.The fate of the connection is uncertain, may last several incarnations.The fate of the connection is uncertain, may last several incarnations, but unlikely.
What the Twin Flame concept know these as.Twin Flame or a Karmic Soulmate, depending on who you'd ask. Also some might label them False Twins.Soulmate or a Twin Flame, depending on the person you'd ask."Soulmate" No comparison in Twin Flame concept that I know of. False Twin might be the closest.

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