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A rock fan. A thinker. A psychic empath and a channel, a Tarot reader. A polyandrist; The lover of men, kings, and gods. An eternal romance analyzer.  A romantic pervert. Generation X Rebel. A psycho-spiritual life coach.

How the ego stops a person from achieving what they think should be easy

And the more they want it, the harder it gets

I learned to write HTML with no effort at all in 1998 and 1999. I had no expectations on it whatsoever. I got a little excited about the Internet, and as I was enthusing about it, my then boyfriend handed me a book and said: “Learn that”. I thought I might as well learn a […]

Making Pleasurable Life Choices that Others Do Not Approve

What if I told you they don't need to agree?

If you wish to change your life, the choice is entirely yours. Other’s do not need to be OK with your life choices, it’s your call. They may grumble, they may think you are ruining THEIR reputation, but you’re not. You are you, and unless they join you, their reputation is safe, if they join […]

The trick to sexy is to be everything that you are at once

People tend to section themselves too much... One dimensional is not hot

Charismatic, alluring, captivating, whatever the word… Whenever a person is something amazing, it all really comes down to their ability to be everything they are at once. Clearly, we do not do everything that we do all at once, you don’t parent your kids while you fuck your girlfriend, nor do you serve your clients […]

The importance of communication, why cold is not necessarily cold

When you cannot show your feelings, a few words is a must...

The player. Envision, please. Can you see him? He blocks his emotions away from others because he is too sensitive to everything around him. He plays because he needs love so much, or has convinced himself that his romanticism is wasted and that it would be difficult to find a girl who’d actually love him […]

Here’s what makes men soft…


We live in a “gender equal time”, which, in all practicality means that men serve women, men have no rights, men must perform to a standard while women have no real responsibilities, only rights, and privileges. Among those privileges is the privilege of making a man into her sexual slave, while the man is stripped […]



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