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The channelled archive contains mostly spontaneous channelling sessions when the spirits surrounding me have INSISTED on being published. (I don't usually give them a lot of space, so it's a relatively rare occurrance that I do allow them to speak.)

I absolutely do not want you to think I know what I am talking about simply because I channel. This archive is here simply to provide background to how I communicate with people on a daily basis in spirit. This doesn't mean these sessions "are not true" but that as they are done with human spirits, both dead and alive... Nobody here gets smarter simply by leaving their bodies. My job is to critisise, challenge, and make sense out of what I've been told and shown, not simply to log it. Most of these logged conversations are a fun read intended for you to read, rather than the conversations we've had between ourselves while working.

These posts are listed from oldest to newest for the sake of clarity.

A message from the Twin Flame goddesses

(A Twin Flame teacher wants to argue some points in spirit.)

Hello everyone.  I am Sam..?? (I am still unable to hear names, I’m sorry) I am S, who is subject to constant scrutiny in “here” (refers to  my spirit cycle) as supposedly, I am just a lonely old spinster who is hanging onto dear life to me this is nothing I wanted to say but […]


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