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#CountMeOut of #MeToo – Objections to the pervert hunt

Stop it before you kill all the fun out of life! (Understand the other female perspective.)

I know this is controversial as fuck. If these women thought it was scary to speak out on a matter that 99.9% of people wholeheartedly support, imagine my feelings when I know not one of you will agree with me initially. Hopefully, I will be able to make a few levelheaded people understand my perspective and to trust I’m not alone in this. I feel there are a lot of people, both men and women, who are silently watching this witch hunt unfold, worried about where it mind lead, wondering if their apprehensions are valid or not.

This is probably along the lines of what they are thinking:

No clear “no” actually is kind of a “go ahead, I don’t mind”

I heard one recent account of one of the high profile sexual assault cases at a workplace in detail. It read out like a freaking erotic novel in my ear. Blow-by-blow sexy as fuck.

That is what you must understand about men and women who are into sexual playing. They LIKE shit like this. If you do not make it clear to them/us, that you are not into it, HOW ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO KNOW?! If you sit on this for years and years and years and only say something when some lame internet campaign is giving you the balls to say no, your NO is way, way, way late!

If you do not say anything when the no is appropriately timed, there’s only one person you can blame for getting “assaulted” and that is you. This is not victim blaming, this is fucking common sense.

Women have been brainwashed to be afraid of “powerful men”

The fear that women feel is not really about the men who they speak of. It is based on a stereotypical view of men that media is constantly strengthening and making worse. Men are being made into these vile, monstrous beings who are not even real humans anymore, but the ones who are behaving well are treated like well-trained wild beasts, the credit of which goes to his mother. And to boot, women complain men “controlling the media”. Fuck off!

Further, just because a guy is kinky, doesn’t mean he’s a monster. If a man like his porn, easy women, and touching women inappropriately, that has ABSOLUTELY ZERO correlation to his respect for women. He may or may not respect women. His love of sexual “misconduct” is no indication of that. He may respect women enough to ASSUME (rightly or wrongly) that she’s stand-up enough to say no if she feels that way.

A normal guy may try, but you have to TRY to reject him to judge him

What DOES say a thing or two is how he reacts when you say no, and to be clear, also HOW you say no. Men understand that if they take a risk by making a pass at a woman, they may get rejected. They may get slapped on the wrist for it, but hey, it’s worth the risk. What is COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY, however, is to drag men who have never been told NO in the first place into the limelight shaming them.

Because women are afraid of powerful men, and under the MINDNUMBINGLY STUPID idea that all women want their sex the same way, they think every time a man approaches a woman for sex a) She must consent or risk retaliation b) he will retaliate if she doesn’t consent. Neither point is true. Further, if an adult female gives consent under the false assumption it would be dangerous for her not to, who do we blame? Her or him?

Men who approach women like this LIKE EASY WOMEN. They like their sex easy. They do not like doing a whole lot of work just for pussy. UNDERSTAND THAT. Therefore, a simple no and trying to convince you to give it up is going to be too much fucking work. Your pussy won’t be worth the effort. (And I still think they’re cool because I am easy as fuck and I’m finally proud of it!)

Shaming easy women make matters worse

There’s an ages-old attack on all wildly sexual people that HAS GOT TO COME TO AN END. You people attack and shame sexual men and women. This has been going on for as long as we can trace back history. One would think that by 2018 all of this would be behind us but no.

So. Easy women like being given sexual attention. It makes our life worth breathing for. We like our boobs looked at, being told we’re sexy, how our bum looks delicious in a dress and whatever. We do like it, we’re also not afraid of men who might do that to us. We don’t freak out when it happens because it’s nice, flattering, and exciting.

However, don’t mistake easy women to be incapable of saying no. We tell men no just as easily as we leave the no unuttered. However, as the whole attitude towards unscripted sexual remarks has become what it is, even women who actually LIKE THIS start to take action against it – for other women. For the sake of other women! They rationalize: “Well, I didn’t mind, but those poor other women… I have to stand up FOR THEM.”

A Knee-jerk

We also start getting knee-jerk reactions to sexual remarks, and we think we SHOULD BE offended by them, simply because that’s what we’ve been told.

In reality, we still fantasize about being groped, taken by light force, or gang-raped. A lot of women fantasize about being the victim of a child molester, I’m one of them, but all of this is brushed under “well fantasy is different than reality” but is it?

A woman who isn’t afraid of men is ABLE to say no to a man when they feel like it. Just because you let one man touch you and fuck you without uttering a word of objection, doesn’t mean you’d let all men do the same. That’s half the fun for him, to find the one who accepts him.

 We are talking about GROWN ASS WOMEN HERE!!

All of these women are GROWN UPS. They are legally expected to be able to speak for themselves and to act like adults. The assumption is that these women are mature enough to raise an issue with a male individual without a massive problem. They are at the age of consent or denying consent. They are not supposed to be SHOCKED that make men sexual passes at grown women at times. That should be a given. Yet, they forgo that right to say no, at least in some cases. That is why we speak of sexual harassment rather than sexual assaults or rapes.

Nobody got killed. (Otherwise, it would be called a murder.) If these ADULT WOMEN did not have the courage to say NO to a man who is trying to have sexual relations with them, then what the fuck are we going to do with the idea of gender equality here?! I’ve heard of women crying about this guy showing her porn during office hours! Boo fucking hoo, tell him to NOT SHOW YOU PORN DURING OFFICE HOURS or out of office hours for the matter. If he takes an issue with you telling him no, THEN fucking sue his ass as far as you can take him, but DO tell him no first. Give him a chance to back the fuck off!

If you haven’t said NO, your word carries 0 weight against him

We are not talking about underage children here. We are not talking about teenagers, but grown women. I have not much experience of being sexually harassed by men, but at the age of 21, (or so,) I could tell a 40-50-year old man to put a sock in it without fucking reducing into a crying pile of mess over it. If you HAVE NOT SAID NO ONCE, you have 0 case!!! No matter HOW MANY OTHER WOMEN COME FORWARD if YOU have NOT said NO, YOUR WORD DOES NOT WEIGH SHIT against him!

Your argument is INVALID if an objection hasn’t been first made in person, on the spot. The other agreeable timing is immediately after the incident to the boss. If you go to your boss, the first pass should be considered a case of misread signals, nothing more.

Mind you, if a man gropes you in a situation where you cannot actually word it out, like while on stage during a show, you STILL CAN move slightly away from him. You can clench your buttocks, impatiently fidget, or gently kick him or something. There are plenty of non-verbal ways that you can signify this is not OK. Certainly, once that situation is over, you can slap him across the cheek as hard as your little hand can muster and that will clear the fucking air, okay?

Learn to stand up FOR YOURSELF without your girl’s help

What I find infuriating is women’s inability to take action without the support of an entire fucking army of women. It is OKAY to say no to a guy, even if you were the only one doing it. You do not need to go to your boss about it, but if you’re too much of a pussy to say something to his face, at least have the fucking balls to complain to your boss after THE FIRST incident or shut your mouth forever.

If you are over 18, you have no fucking excuse to stay silent through a sexual situation you do not want to go through with. If you cannot do it, then do not work around men. Just don’t. Let the grown ups be grown-ups and stay the fuck away from them. (And please don’t say “grown-ups don’t behave like that”. Who the fuck is going to behave in an adult way if not adults themselves, fuck. Stop telling people you have to grow up before you can do this shit and then tell the same people that they’re too old for it as soon as they turn 20. Fucking make up your mind, are we going to fuck kids or 21-year-olds specifically or are we allowed to try get it on with adults, huh?)

This is not Victorian England anymore. Act like it.


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