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Designing websites based on the intelligence of the target audience

Children are attracted to big clear images - and so are the stupid people

If you are in the market of appealing to the higher end of the intelligence spectrum, the less you focus on large images and easy to find buttons, the better. The more your website looks like this:

designing web by intelligence

The more it appeals to the lowest ranks on the intelligence spectrum.

Intelligent people tend to prefer clean layouts with little visual distraction, or, alternatively, visual websites that differ from everything they’ve ever seen before. They enjoy the challenge of finding their way through a new website (if made deliberately tricky, and they expect something good to come out of it) or they do not find a “normal” design a great (noticeable) challenge or an obstruction to find what they’re looking for. Confidentally design websites the way you like them, albeit it is true that sometimes we get blinded to a new user’s experience the more familiar we are with our own website. Adjust to perfection.

Pre-Wordpress web design

Back in the day when the Internet was young, we used to design websites that were screaming ‘clever’. As a visitor, a part of the fun was to guess how the content would be navigated, and a part of the fun was to create a website that people would have to treat as a vault to great things.

It was content from smart people to other smart people – simply being online was a show of something. To create a website required at least a basic understanding of HTML, something that was beyond a lot of people.

In addition, the Internet had very little attraction to people who like things the way they’ve always had them, same friends, same visuals, stuff they already recognize. In the early days, you would have been happy to find ONE friend online, and the main content in your email inbox was newsletters from forward-thinking businesses. Everything was new; just the way smart people like it.


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