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Let’s discuss the reasons why the early feminists rose to the barricades

And why things are now FINE for women.

So many people are sheep.

The early feminists didn’t fight for every woman to join the workforce or claim that to be a respectable woman you also had to have a job. No.

Feminists were needed for an actual pain

They fought so that women who didn’t have a maternal instinct or who found that there was more to them than a wife and a mother, could have the LEGAL right to take part in the world OUTSIDE the home. They wanted women to be able to CHOOSE FOR THEMSELVES. They wanted to be able to make something out of themselves.

Back in the day, women didn’t have the right to vote, work, start businesses, or even go to the doctor without consulting their husband. No higher education, even knowing how to read was considered going wasted on a woman. What did she need to know that her husband couldn’t tell her? She had the rights of an underaged child, and the father had the rights of a parent in relation to his wife. If he thought she needs a spanking, a spanking was what she got.

Her single possible purpose in life was to birth babies. If she wasn’t blissfully happy in this role, she was deemed mentally insane. Currently, many people still think along the same lines about childfree women.

THAT was the starting point.

Even back then men weren’t evil

Although they were frustrating, men weren’t evil back in the day, either. They considered it their duty to protect their wife from the outside world, and to show her the right way to live, and to guide her in the perils of the world. To do that, people require obedience from those they are protecting, because disobedience means it becomes more difficult to protect those under your responsibility.

The less trust there is, the more tyrannical the “protector” gets. If the child/wife disobeys orders often, the parent/husband uses force to make her submit to his will again – so she’d be safe. Psychologists advised young husbands, that women do not know their own mind even though they seem rational. Currently, women say something similar about men who don’t want babies or to get married… Or men who simply do not function the way the ladies wish they did.


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