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Why Katy Perry Doesn’t Want To Be There While Her Friend Is Having A Poop?

And why do I have to have a friend who does?!

So I’m in a weird position of never having a private moment as the spirits (both living and dead) are with me at all times. This means that I have had a lot of spirit public poops. Today, Katy Perry decided she was GOING TO LEAVE for this event! Now, I don’t know what is Katy’s problem, why does she have to be so uptight about it, when my friend is fine with it?

Why do some people get to scat, is the question, and why are some people like Katy Perry, who do not (to my knowledge) find poop a turn on? Who has an issue?

My friend who loves poop, unlike Katy Perry

I’ve had a friend, whose name I’m not going to mention, insist on an article about poop-play. To her, this is all a natural thing, she enjoys the smell, the texture, and… the smell and the texture of poop.

I’m with Katy Perry on this one, however, but I had to, upon my friend’s persistence, try and understand what the hell is it with poop-fetishists. And I must say, donkey bridges1)Donkey Bridge – a cruel translation from my native Finnish, meaning making two vaguely related topics connect. You’re welcome for a new expression. I googled it, and the closest equivalent you’ve got is boring. don’t get any better than this.

Complete acceptance and love

The link in the mind of a poop-fetishists is that of security and complete acceptance. They feel the infantile feeling when everything in their world was fine, and they were coddled and cared for with complete acceptance. After they grow up, they feel less accepted and they miss the feeling of being completely loved.

Also, as infants, people are typically not afraid of anything. This feeling of euphoric safety and love surrounding them connects with poop and the smell of it. After all, a parent’s attention is instantly directed to the child when he or she poops his or her pants.

This is followed by a tender, joyous moment of changing the diapers, while nobody is irked about the poop involved. It stands to question whether the parents’ reactions are a factor. If the parents react negatively to poop, it would stand to assume their child turn into people like Katy Perry and me. If the parents don’t mind the poop, their children would not learn to connect negativity to poop that early on. At least people who change diapers for a living would have no issues holding the gag-reflex back. Instead, they’d be cooing to the child all throughout the process making it a very pleasurable experience for the baby.

Then, what about IQ

The stereotype with poop-lovers would be people with a limited IQ. I would say they would face more difficulty growing up than people with a higher IQ. Learning difficulties, social problems, bullying etc would be a result. This could heighten the need to return to infancy when none of this was an issue in their lives.

Is it really sexual?

Although the fascination with poop is normally considered a sexual fetish, I am not sure if it is. I believe it connects to love and safety much more than anything. Of course, you can combine sexual elements to something you love anyway, but what I hear, some people enjoy their poop play alone and it doesn’t contain sexual elements at all.

Animal instinct

People may also connect poop as a sign of “home turf” or safety. Animals mark their territory with their own droppings, and it stands to reason humans did, too. If we reincarnate through animal species like I believe we do, we might have even a strong connection to poop and it’s security factor.

This would mean that a person loves to smell their friends’ and family’s poop lingering – after all, that means they’re safely home among friends.

Apologies to Katy Perry

I totally hi-jacked her name for a dubious cause here. However, I think a topic like this requires a little bit of humor. After all, when it comes to poop, I’m as uptight as Katy Perry. I’d much rather leave the room when my mates are having a poop… Unless it really meant a lot to them and they meant a lot to me.

Would have to be A LOT.

Like someone I completely and utterly accept and love.


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1. Donkey Bridge – a cruel translation from my native Finnish, meaning making two vaguely related topics connect. You’re welcome for a new expression. I googled it, and the closest equivalent you’ve got is boring.

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