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Let’s practise reading gossip.

How much can we throw in the bull bin from the TMG Johnny Depp and his friends -part of the dispute

Johnny Depp

Photo: Wikimedia Sodakan

My own initial, spontaneous thought was: OMG Johnny Depp is insane making a complaint about these loans, CLEARLY, these are his own doing. Have I missed something, this does not sound like him at all!

I missed a few things in the first reading.

The article first says Johnny Depp is suing TMG over nearly 10 million dollars of unauthorized payments to friends and family members. The article lists a bunch of loans that Depp approved. This includes the 7.1 million he has given to his sister Christi. The article mentions that this money has never been asked to be paid back as it is likely “an informal form of a loan to compensate her” but what kind of a loan is given out as “a compensation”? This is more likely a salary for managing his production company. It’s just there to make it seem that the millions Depp is missing is his own doing.

Not in dispute

So this 7.1 million is NOT at dispute, but it has been mentioned in the claim because this is an accounting dispute. All of his spendings would be outlined in it, “approved or not approved”, these are clearly on the list of “approved”. It was mentioned in the article because it’s a lot of money, we already know his sister was involved somehow, it’s true, and there is nothing about it that would make TMG look bad. TMG wants to run with the idea that Depp has a spending problem.

I’ve written about Johnny Depp’s dispute with TMG before, too.[/sociallocker-bulk-1]


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Some good reasoning.The bottom line is Depp is a decent man who was taken advantage of by many, including these scoundrels, TMG, and his gold digging ex wife.





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