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Please notice that my posts (as all life coching) should be considered to be supportive of your own instinct, not a replacement for it. Which means that study your situation in this light and see if it fits. Do not act against your better judgement - after all, you may even misiniterpret what I say, or the situation I mean when I write. You are responsible of your own actions, regardless of what I say here.

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Is this an OBSESSION or are you IN LOVE?

A fear of losing out creates an obsession

In this article, I’ll compare an obsession over a person to feeling absolute love and devotion and true love for a person. This can also be applied to other obsessions/love like toward your work or hobbies. This would be primarily comparing a one-sided Mirage Spirit soulmate type obsession to the mutual love of a True Spirit […]

Naturally Polygynous Women Can Have A Hard Time Respecting Men and Their Views

This is a sign of a natural alignment, not a sin.

I know this sounds like finger-pointing, but it really is just a sign of a natural sexual alignment more specific than hetero, bi, or homosexuality. In addition, we also have countless of variations, among them the leaning towards different types of polyamory. In this case, polygyny means what most people know as “polygamy” which is […]

If your partner suggests polyamory and you feel you will lose him/her…

It is true this is often "a breakup light"... So what to do?

Now, I am a sound advocate of polyamory, don’t get me wrong. I am also an advocate for natural relationships, which means that I believe relationships should be allowed to breathe rather than held onto for dear life. So there are my prejudices, and here’s the rest of my 2 cents: I hear a lot […]

Self-denial is about telling yourself no to something you really want

And while you deny yourself, the doorways to your happiness keep getting blocked

When people tell you that you’re so full of self-denial, it sounds like an insult, doesn’t it? But in reality, it’s actually telling you that you should take more liberties for yourself than what you’ve taken in the past. They are telling you to say “yes” to the things you want to do, but have […]

How I stole Madonna’s admirer with one comment

The annoying thing is I know his approach works... Lessons to be learned.

I was checking out Madonna’s Instagram feed, and this guy was hitting on her. This is how I stole Madonna’s admirer from her. He was the type who insults someone who he thinks has a big ego. He does this hoping she’d get irritated enough to engage in a good fight and then wind up […]

Why Katy Perry Doesn’t Want To Be There While Her Friend Is Having A Poop?

And why do I have to have a friend who does?!

So I’m in a weird position of never having a private moment as the spirits (both living and dead) are with me at all times. This means that I have had a lot of spirit public poops. Today, Katy Perry decided she was GOING TO LEAVE for this event! Now, I don’t know what is […]

Twin Flames – Poly Flames; Being shot down by the Twin Flame community

Polyamory is a spiritual phenomenon. Monogamy can be, too.

I have heard the same thing many times over: “I have more than one Twin Flame. I can’t help it, but that’s the way it is. I tried to talk to a Twin Flame teacher about this, and they blatantly refused to talk to me. They said I had found soulmates and that they’re not […]

Rewire your brain for a sexy wife

If it's not steaming hot, it's a friendship

Dear men, I am going to take this opportunity to chew your ears off in the nicest way it’s ever been chewed up. In a rather sexy way, and it’s okay to get turned on. It’s kind of the point of this article, so never mind my modesty. Okay. This is the thing. I am […]

True Spirit Mirrors, Active Partials, and The Need to Hang On

When are you hanging onto false hope?

Letting go feels like the most natural thing to do when you are so head over heels in love with someone that you only need the slightest bit of discouragement to think you’re not loved back. Letting go feels like the most insane thing to do when you don’t really love the other person as much […]

Why do some natural polygamists adjust well in monogamous society?

While other types have issues?

There are three main categories of polyamorous people. There is a ton of different ways to subcategorize and add to each, but the main types are Polygynous, Polygamous, and Polyandrous (plus gay variants that are somewhat confusing to us straight people, as many gay men resemble polygynous men, and a lot of gay women seem […]


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