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Here’s what makes men soft…


We live in a “gender equal time”, which, in all practicality means that men serve women, men have no rights, men must perform to a standard while women have no real responsibilities, only rights, and privileges. Among those privileges is the privilege of making a man into her sexual slave, while the man is stripped off all of his rights to even want to achieve an orgasm with a woman, all of that is given to him as a reward for a job well done, and if that is not the case, he is made to feel guilty about every action he takes with a woman.

Women are beyond reproach, a man isn’t entitled to a negative opinion about any woman, no matter what kind of a person she is, she can be the most selfish and most despicable person alive, but because she’s a woman, whatever flaws she may have is automatically the fault of some man in her life, and therefore, she is without direct blame, if anyone is even willing to admit to her having a flaw.

The only crime a woman can be accused of is giving “too much” love or attention to a man “too easily”, and that is a crime against the entirety of the female gender.

Gender equality of the new millennia.

This is the reason why I will not share my men with a woman until they learn to kneel in front of my men and suck a cock with a good level of humility… With tears in their eyes, begging for forgiveness. But this is not what this post is about.

When a man is subjected to an eternal role of a servant, and a woman approaches him every time like a Ford Mondeo in need of her weekly service, it is no wonder men find it hard to get excited about the prospect of another hour of servitude and denial of his pleasure.

The moment the man enjoys himself, the women feel a hit of insecurity: “Is it OKAY for me to allow him to enjoy himself? Am I being anti-feminist?!”

Sex has made into an act where only one gender is entitled to pleasure, ENTITLED to it. Not allowed to feel pleasure but has been made the only person with an entitlement to feel pleasure, while the other is only allowed to feel good about having given her that pleasure.

How the fuck can they even maintain the hard-on that they do for so long?

Let me tell you how. While they still believe their servitude will be rewarded with love and acceptance, they will do as asked and keep that hard on solid, but once they learn there is no love in this for them, there’s no acceptance, there is  no praise, there is no positive feelings nor rewards, his turn to be truly loved never arrives…

If that doesn’t kill a boner, nothing will.

But Viagra and shame to the rescue, hey? Let’s blame him for it and shame him for not being able to keep doing what a man is supposed to be hard-wired to do, right? Let’s let him feel desperate for not being able to perform, and give women yet another reason to be displeased with men, shall we?

Fuck you.

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