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The Soulmate Typology is not there to tell you how lousy your love life is compared to other peoples’

Let's sit down for a moment and talk about this.

This is an important thing to know about the Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology. It is not there to make you feel like a loser. That is not its purpose, OK? The purpose of the typology is to help you trust your intuition when you have met your True Spirit Mirror. It’s there to give you confidence in your search of a True Spirit Mirror or an Adjusting Spirit Mirror. Its purpose is to cut the wings off the ugly rumor that you’re supposed to settle for what you’ve got because that’s not true!

On One Condition

The more conditioned you are to think that you’re the one who has to settle and who has to be satisfied in their own lot in life, the more likely it is that you think the very purpose of the typology is to tell you to suck it up and eat shit. This could not be further from the purpose of my work! I want you to know that everything you want is for you to have, with ONE condition only. ONE. Just THIS ONE SIMPLE RULE: You cannot FORCE someone else to give it to you. That’s all.

If you think it is not possible for you to have what you want without taking it by emotional gunpoint, then you’ve got some issues to work through. There is no way you’ll find true love before you’ve worked through those issues, alright? That may sound like bad news, but it’s a damned site better news than “there’s no way you can have this no matter what you do”. I know there are some defeatists among you who’d rather take that and go mope around with a bottom lip stuck out far enough for a bird to nest on it and have an excuse for a failed life in misery than to roll up their sleeves and get to work. I know some of you would rather think there is no way to do it rather than take ownership over their own successes and failures.

It takes effort to have the self-confidence required for true love

So. Yes. You can have it, but you can’t demand it. Don’t expect it to fall into your lap for free. You do the work now, you’ve done the work in a previous lifetime, or you’ll leave it and do it in a future lifetime. It won’t happen for free.

The best thing you can get for free or for little is fake love. Pretence. You can get a beautiful play, but the real deal… That means something and it can’t be found at the dollar shop.

And no, you don’t need to get to it, it’s your call how badly you want it.

The irony is, to get to the point when you no longer need to work for the love received can take a lot of work. It takes an effort to be able to relax around someone who makes you nervous as hell.

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