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How the church and moralists have a hold on hedonists

And why we can say goodbye to that in 2018

There are two kinds of good people. There are people who want a debaucherous, hedonistic life, but who sacrifice that wish for the good of other people. They’re the hedonist. Then there are those who want to live modestly and “help” other people to give up their hedonistic lifestyle for them. These are the modest people.

Both types of people think everyone would want the lifestyle they themselves live if they could. The modest people think there’s something bothering the hedonist. They think that the hedonists are mentally ill or some such thing to be driven to pleasure. The hedonists believe the modest people are “better people” and able to say no to the pleasures because they’re better. The truth is, the pleasures scare the modest people, not tempt them.

The church is based on this fear of pleasure

I believe the true message of Jesus was more along the lines of drink, eat, fuck (love), judging by his own behavior and the drinking buddies of his, rather than to avoid all that. Regardless of what I believe, the church has been built for the avoidance of life, not embracing it. It is there to support the modest people in their attempt to pressure the hedonist to change their ways.

Why the modest people live modestly would surprise you

It makes no sense to a hedonist that someone would say no to pleasure WILLINGLY. They MUST know something that the hedonist doesn’t, right, otherwise, they’d join in, wouldn’t they? So, the hedonist decides there must be a punishment of all of this good stuff, they must know the devil is coming. In reality, the modest people are simply afraid of giving in to pleasure. You know how we all have trouble letting go of control at times? We fear to appear stupid, naive, gullible, or that we’ll behave all wrong in a new situation. Hedonistic pleasure is full of dangers of embarrassment. In contrast, modest living is safe. You simply do very little, and people will approve of you.

The modest person lives for approval and avoidance of embarrassment, nothing more. What’s more, a society without rules is able to SAY SHIT freely. They can express negative emotions without a gag. That is scary. The hedonist is free to tell the moralist that they are full of shit. And that’s embarrassing to the modest person.

Why the hedonist yield to the pressure of modesty

TheĀ hedonists are often from either end of the IQ spectrum, the low of IQ and the high of IQ. The low of IQ are hedonist because they don’t question pleasure, the IQ doesn’t get in the way. The high of IQ knows the dangers and manage them. However, what a high IQ also does is give a person the ability to think of the good of other people. It allows a person to feel authentic guilt (not just avoidance of punishment) and obligation to do more with their natural gifts.

It’s nearly impossible to make a low IQ hedonist give up his ways. They say they will but fall right off the wagon again. They’ll try and fail again and again until they die. The only thing stopping them from “doing wrong” is the fear of punishment. Falling out of grace. This is not the case with the high IQ hedonist. They’ll give up their ways for other people. They have an ability to control their natural urges and deny themselves the pleasures they seek.

What the modest people want, really

The modest people, by and large, fear judgment and winding up without friends. They want to ensure that they are not left alone in this world. They don’t really care what they do, as long as there are people to support them and to help them along. Therefore, they are very suggestible to “bad influence”, as all they want is to be accepted. They’ll give up all fun and games in order to be accepted by the greater community and to not be left alone.

They also think the hedonists want the same thing, so they try and show them how to be accepted by “the good people”. If and when this way of thinking I am teaching becomes popular, the hedonistsĀ become the good people, and the modest people will be seeking for ways to join the good people. I don’t care what you do with that information, I am personally so sick of their bullshit that I want them to sit in the church for all eternity while I fuck off to the pub. šŸ˜€

Ironically, a huge part of the hedonist pleasure is to rebel and do the “bad” thing. Where would we be without the suffering of the modest people?

Rescue one?

However, if you want to save one of the median to low IQ squares, make it easy for them and show them the bad ways by the hand… But only do so if you really like that person because they’re fucking emotionalĀ octopie. Clingy and needy and will never let you go once you make a friend with them. Holding onto you with their 8 fucing tentacles.

Unfortunately, the high IQ modest person is much more tempting to rescue, but also about a hundred times more difficult to convince to let go of the nonsense. They live their lives decidedly the way they live, not out of fear of falling out of favor but out of obligation and responsibility. They have convictions that are hard to argue. That is where my stuff comes in. All of this talk is to convince the high IQ square to live a little.


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