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My blog is hardly easy reading. This is supposed to make your landing smoother. I hope it helps and I apologize for any turbulence.

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Read these and you’ll be a pro

Professional student, that is, remember I'm the boss

So the stuff following is freaking complicated. However, once you get the basics down, you’ll find it a lot easier to read through the posts, and eventually you’ll wonder what was so hard about it in the first place. The posts will then guide you deeper and deeper into the human psyche, and the main […]

Need more convincing?

This is like asking you to go back to school for the fun of it!

I want to rekindle the love of life in you. The love of sex and romance, as it is. Not to coax you into trying to love someone you don’t really love, but to free you to love whomever you actually love. The one your mother told you to stay away from but you just can’t… You know? I want you to feel excited to live again.

Basics of the Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology

How both the connections and the theory of it came to be

The Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology is an attempt to identify and describe all relationship types known to humanity (so far). Sounds impossible? Well, yeah, it is a bit. I don’t know if I have gotten it all, but I will add to it when I find one that doesn’t fit the existing descriptions. Yet, it […]

Your Professional, Social, and Sexual Personality In One Post

The sexiest load of jargon you'll ever be served

A lot of my posts about my professional, social, and sexual personality studies rely on my own jargon – not to be a pest but simply because the words are simply not there yet! I identified a lot of different aspects of a personality that haven’t been previously discussed – or at least “nailed” so […]

The Two Main Relationship Types

This page introduces the two MAIN romantic relationship dynamics that you might identify in your life. In the Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology, these refer to the Adjusting Spirit Mirror (Fluid Thinker ideal) and the True Spirit Mirror (Solid Thinker ideal) soulmate types. The actual typology goes into deep detail about different relationship dynamics, but there […]

How did this all come to be?

I'll keep this as short as possible

First of all, I am a psychic empath on steroids. 😀 It is one thing to feel people’s emotions and feelings, and to empathize with them as most of us can do, and a whole other thing to also identify the nuances and causes of these emotions at the level of which I am capable […]

The Uncomfortable Topic of the Immortal Soul

Reincarnation and our eternal loves

Usually, when I start a conversation these days about this topic, I skip the formalities by simply stating this: “So as we reincarnate over and over, and don’t start getting all uncomfortable with this because I don’t have time to explain or prove the obvious, we reincarnate and that is all there is to it” […]

Life 101

Do whatever it is that you enjoy doing

While you wait for the life masters to give you a proper answer, I can tell you this much: Whatever you enjoy puts you to your authentic, true path through life. It may not be a shortcut, but it is the exact road that will take you wherever it is that you need to be. […]

Follow your instinct and inner guidance; Follow a sacrifice or a feel good -factor?

"Do what feels right" vs. "Do what feels good"

The reason why a lot of people interpret life advice very differently is that our values and morals are very different by a natural alingment. Situations change and the same rule doesn’t apply anymore. I write my theories expecting the reader to be mature enough to apply these texts in their lives in a way […]

Your Commitment Style

This is linked to Solid and Fluid Thinking but...

As I am talking about relationships, the easiest way to define two, eternally warring groups of people, is by asking them to answer this one question: Which one of these two sentences sounds obvious to you? Full commitment comes before falling truly in love. Falling in love truly comes before full commitment. This difference in […]


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