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My blog is hardly easy reading. This is supposed to make your landing smoother. I hope it helps and I apologize for any turbulence.

Why do I coach (naughty) men?

The society is currently working hard on oppressing the male sexuality, or violently transforming it... I don't like it.

I have a personal agenda, here, I admit.

I don’t like the way men are pushed into this feminine way of thinking about sex, sexuality, and genders in general. I, as a woman, feel like I’m too much of a bloke in other women’s opinion. I feel like this whole culture of worshiping women for every small thing they do while ignoring men is simply going mental. I don’t like it one bit.

I need allies. I need men around me who will reassure me they won’t get spoiled by this nonsense. I need to give them the courage to say no.

What will a boy grow into?

Men are not bad people, but that seems to bed the constant message. How would it feel to grow up as a young boy in this environment, when everywhere you look you hear your gender is made of monster? Would you grow up fearing what you will inevitably become, being born a boy?

Will a young girl ever grow up to meet a man who can ravish her?

Sexuality is powerful. It’s supposed to be passionate and daring.

Women who do not know shit about men are putting red tape everywhere running scared rather than talking about this like rational adults. I do not like the way women are acting.

Female-free zone

I want my website to be a female-free zone, apart from myself. I feel men have the need to talk to a woman, but not a whole heap of them at once… As that never really turns out too well. 😀

So that’s along the lines of why.

This bullshit has to end.

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