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My blog is hardly easy reading. This is supposed to make your landing smoother. I hope it helps and I apologize for any turbulence.

Where do you want to go from here?

Blog sections

I have some trouble arranging this blog, I admit. There’s so much I want to tell you and I keep rearranging this blog hoping to make it better… I am not sure if I’m succeeding, I’m sorry. However, I am attempting to cut this blog into sections to suit the needs of several audiences.

All of these sections have a different archive page if you understand the meaning of it. (Normal blog would have all posts in reversed chronological order as you’ve probably gotten familiar with, these are like separate blogs altogether under one roof.)

As I write this, these are the sections I’ve got here:

Public Posts

The only area that reads from newest to oldest like a traditional blog. Everywhere else, I’ll try to order the posts so that they read like a book rather than like a blog.

This innovatively and misleadingly named category is the stuff you’ll find when you first click to my blog. It is named as such as it’s the blog type of stuff (but due to a technical thing I can’t call it ‘the blog’). (I’ll attempt to fix it. If you can’t find them, I’ve renamed it!)

These posts assume no previous knowledge of who the f*** I am, hence “public”. They’re also personal ponderings, kind of a mixed bag of things.

Also, these posts can “age”. I’ll be treating this category as a kind of a journal. “The first time I thought of this” kind of an area. The rest is a bit more evolved:

New Visitors (you are reading it now as you know)

Pretty self-explanatory. I’ll attempt to give you a bit of a generic view on everything I write about and avoid my own jargon as much as possible (and there’s a lot of it later).


The Basics section is for stuff that is kind of a link between all theories, something that affects all aspects of our lives. These basics relate to everyone in some way. These posts are short, to the point, and often lack all explanation of how everything links to anything because they are so generic and applicable to anything, it makes no sense trying to give them context here.

Life Coaching

This is where I put all of the theoretical parts into practice. I was thinking of creating several sections for posts in this category, but everything relates to everything and to understand your True Spirit Mirror relationship fully, you’ll need to understand seemingly random stuff like how time works in the spiritual sense, so I’m not letting you skip stuff.

On YouTube

This stuff is just the write-up for whatever I’ve published on YouTube. I try to publish a new video on Thursdays or Fridays (Australian pov, so that would make it Friday or Saturday the closer to US West Coast you live). I tend to be a little inconsistent with schedules though, so don’t be surprised if my Friday is Tuesday or no day at all…

Here’s the channel in question

Soulmate Types

This is where we start to get a bit technical about romantic stuff. Eww. 😀 This section is to introduce the different types of soulmates featured in my Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology. The purpose of this is explained in this post here.


I have a section for people who really do not want to get into the detail of life but enjoy simplicity. Because my stuff is complicated, I wanted to simplify it myself so that the people who feel the need to butcher other people’s theories because they can’t follow it, I’ve done it for them hopefully not damaging the rest of it too much.

As I said, this stuff is oversimplified and as such offers only a very rough guide to life… It’s a bit like drawing an outline around Africa and expect you to find your way to say Namibia with it. It gives you an idea, but not much more.

The Messy Archive

And lastly, I’ve made my 1300+ messy archive of posts available for you to get lost in. Some stuff is good, some is unchecked, unfinished and some use terms dating back years, but if you keep your wits about it, you can find some good stuff in there.

Treat this as a junkyard of stuff. Some of it is still in good condition, some need a bit of work, and it’s up to you whether you buy it or not.

I’ll be slowly fixing it up myself and moving posts to other areas of the blog, please use the search functions to find what’s relevant to you.

And there are about 250 broken links on this site currently. Working on it!

The Channelled Posts Archive

These posts are as they come from the people I’ve spoken with in spirit. They may be a little difficult to follow, but it helps to know what they are.

Some deeper sections you’ll find when you need them.

In addition, there are sections that I don’t need you to worry about yet. I am guiding people to it by linking from posts that you will find interesting based on your personality type. You’ll know when you find them, the sections are clearly marked and labeled and explained once you get there.

And then, there’s a section for my private clients, who will get the link from me directly. These sections include celebrity specific material to cater for those who love in the limelight. (If you think to live through Twin Flame / True Spirit Mirror relationship when your friends and family are constantly butting in, imagine adding the press and millions of fans who all have an opinion to the list.)

About that word Twin Flame….

I use this word still even though I’ve tried to grow out of it for years now. When I use it without defining it separately, I most likely equate it with the term True Spirit Mirror in my theory set, although others may understand the term differently, and can equate it to the Adjusting Spirit Mirror, Mirage Spirit, or even an Active Partial Spirit Mirror depending on their soul age level and how self-confident they are. (Or how entitled to this person they feel.)

In some context, I use the word Twin Flame as a term to refer to the concept itself, as in a different theory set that is so closely comparable and also better known to my theories that it is helpful to throw it in there for those people who have a working knowledge of the Twin Flame concept. Let me find you a post that I wrote early on to discovering Twin Flames… That should explain what it means to most people.


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