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This category, as the name suggests, gives you OVERSIMPLIFIED answers to things. If you find this category reassuring, you are absolutely in NO POSITION to force your guidance on other people. Remember this. If this category offers you comfort, please know that you are spiritually an infant, and there are people who know better, alright? I say this so you don't accidentally make matters worse for others when you try to help them. (And why would they listen if they know better? Too complicated for you, dear. ;) )

These posts are meant to be read in the order that they're listed here.

The main generic rule in life.

Nobody should feel entitled to force anyone do anything for anyone.

Many people take this rule for a given already. You should understand this as well. Nobody should feel entitled to force anyone do anything for anyone. You are permitted to stop people from hurting you.  Other people are permitted to stop you from hurting other people, even if you were not trying to hurt anyone. […]

Learn to tolerate ifs buts and maybes.

Life isn't certain. Grow up to understand this.

Do not expect clear, simple answers that will always apply to all situations alike. That is asking for a moon out of the sky. Demanding the impossible. Life will get simpler when you learn to handle complications. Life is never easy or conflict-free, but the better you become at handling complicated ideas, the easier life […]


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