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About Johnny Depp’s “Extravagant Spending Habits”, TMG, and The Media

Just in case you haven't figured out what everyone is doing...

OK. You find out that you have a cause to suspect that the people who you’ve trusted your finances with for years and years, have been gradually skimming money off the top of your earnings, knowing that you’re not exactly the type of a person who keeps a keen eye on his finances. Do you sue? It’s 25 million dollars, which is a large sum of money in anyone’s books, I suppose. That’s Johnny Depp’s corner.

a) Do you sue?

b) Do you pay them “what you owe” when you think they’ve taken 25 million off you without your permission or through their negligence, risking the media touting “the fraud” that since you promised to pay them for the work they did for transferring your files to a new manager, you have committed a fraud because you didn’t.

c) Do you let things slide, turn the blind eye and say: “That’s OK, I’ve got plenty?”

Please answer each question separately.

Now, TMG is probably the one going broke, not Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp has assets, he still owns a crap load of stuff out right, and a man who owns hundreds of millions worth of stuff is not broke by anyone’s standards, even if he had a cash flow issue, which means he might not have enough CASH to make payments at the moment, which means “I’ll sell stuff, even the resemblance of the soul I’ve got left” as he so cutely phrased it.

Did you notice that TMG gets 10% off all of his earnings? I assume this also means anything he sells, right, because they’ll be handling those transactions. If TMG is going down, what they want more than anything, is for their richest client to think he’s going broke so that they can take that 10% of the sales he makes and cover their own ass with that money. Make him think he’s in the red and you’ve got yourself another wad ton of money to play with.

If he doesn’t happen to be making money for them at the current situation, you take some and hope he doesn’t notice by the time you “put it back”. I don’t know if there’s anything to do with investments on TMG’s own consideration without informing him, but I’d say no, otherwise, they would have touted that all over the place.

So… Obviously, Johnny has been spending some money here and there. This is who he is, he makes “silly money” and unlike TMG would have us believe, he doesn’t care about money, therefore he’s throwing it away with both hands, because it doesn’t mean that much to him, (even if 25 million dollars still raises an eyebrow, more of a matter of principle, the kind of stuff Johnny would take as “an inconvenience” he has to deal with because he doesn’t want to be THAT extravagant that he lets thieves get away with it… Although I’m sure he was tempted, by my gut feeling). Depp is not a materialist, that’s why he’s spending obscene amounts of money on stuff he puts emotional value on, like the scripts he bought… whatever they were, and as far as the Kardashians couch goes, 7000 dollars is not “an insane amount of money” like media claims, if you are Johnny fucking Depp. A regular, well-off guy might pay that for a gift he’d know his teen aged daughter would love. (I did gasp at the rates he pays to his business managers though, and the Hunter Thompson send off… But the latter was the very point, it was supposed to be extravagant, crazy, and over the top, their whole relationship was based on crazy, and this was just another way to say: “I love you”, and you all should be ashamed of yourself for putting a taint on that, no matter what you think of either of the two.)

I do think Depp is a little allergic to his money. I think he wants to get rid of it, as he’s a little ashamed of having so much. Again, just to say what a beautiful character he is… But let’s move further.

So the judge already ruled once that Depp’s spending habits had nothing to do with the case, but because the media is currently selling a wad ton of papers making his defendants buy papers feeling outraged over the fact his spending has nothing to do with TMG’s stealing, and Depp hasn’t sued TMG over “making him broke” or “landing him in financial woes” but for a fraud, mismanagement, and lending money without permission, and giving his money away without his permission, to his sister, but still. This is something TMG would much rather you all forget and focus on Depp’s spending habits, which, granted, are a lot more entertaining and juicy reading than how poorly TMG is managing their affairs. Depp’s haters can enjoy the shit flying in his direction, while his fans are getting outraged, and I am seeing another People’s Choice Award going his way simply because his fans want to give him something to smile about over the next year, too, because he’s being treated unusually poorly by the media at the moment.

So as the Judge ruled that the spending habits are woefully irrelevant to the case, TMG responds by sending in ANOTHER report of spending that THEY KNOW is irrelevant but will keep the press talking about Depp until the judge throws the case out of court again. They have until the next session, and I don’t know when that’s going to be, but I know what the judge will say.

Depp should probably add to his complaint the mention of TMG’s breach of confidentiality, as I am sure a clause existed, I’m sure it still applies as the documents were not relevant…. But they may argue they potentially were, so I don’t know.

So TMG is further trying to bring Amber Heard into the mess also, with everything they have. Remember that he’s not on trial for anything to do with Heard, so they can talk all they want at this stage, and Depp is banned from talking about his relationship to Heard in public by the clause in their divorce settlement, so he can’t say anything to defend himself about a case that isn’t on trial at the moment. So, again, maybe they know something about Heard, but if they did, I find it interesting they knew Depp was guilty but didn’t say anything at the time of the domestic abuse trial… How convenient. Granted, he was still their client at the time, but even so, if they knew a woman was beaten, they should have spoken out about it, but they didn’t. At the very least, this is quite shady on their part…

What TMG wants to do is to direct people’s and the rest of their clients’ attention from THEIR affairs onto Depp’s affairs. The papers don’t care, because this is selling papers, and fuck, it’s Johnny Depp, no matter what they say about Depp, he’ll still come out of it a winner and they know it. Once his name is cleared in the court, the papers can then declare that freaking gospel to people, Judge Rules In The Favor of Johnny Depp, TMG to pay $X to Depp!! Hallelujah, who could have seen that one coming?

And, the Depp/Heard debarked ending in a haze of what the hell really happened, there are still a whole lot of angry women who want his head on a plate, and they would be lapping up the latest news as they do… While people who either don’t believe in the abuse allegations or think Heard had it coming to her (look up the term “bratting” in the sexual context) won’t change their minds now.

And then… What about TMG? They’ll be probably going broke if they lose this case. They’ll lose their clients if they lose this case, and a whole bunch of them are probably currently half way out the door, sweating bullets as we speak. They know now what TMG is going to do to their clients if they file a law suit against them. At the end of the day, TMG has nothing to lose, but at least they can drag Depp down a nudge or two while they’re at it. If they are as shady as they now sound, they’ve probably seen this coming, too, but playing for as long as they can get away with it, and now the jig is up. I wonder if they have money stacked away somewhere for this very rainy day. They are currently simply trying to… Throw everything they’ve got at the dragon, but they probably know there’s nothing they can do to stop this train from turning into a sad wreck, but desperate men… If they thought they still have a business after this lawsuit, they’d probably keep their lips together a little tighter about their client’s private spending.

Gossip is also a social thing for those on the outside. The whole point of gossip is to keep talking. People who love gossip don’t actually believe it, they simply enjoy the drama. They will turn their coat the minute the truth clears, although they love the mystery of what’s really going on, and if the dramatic gossip dies down, they’ll probably try to conjure some more up somewhere, because they, controversially, also love Johnny Depp, and talking about him is a homage to his weirdness, yet one of those odd ways to say: “We love you, Johnny Depp…” He might not feel loved, though, but I assure you all, that he is.


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