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About Profile Fields: Commitment or a Passionate Romance?

This is the most important profile field to fill up

This is important in all areas of life. People think differently, and this is one of the BIGGEST pitfalls you can get into or avoid in ALL of your relationships. You can sink your business if you hire the wrong people with the wrong kind of a contract, or you can make your ship fly… Or have the most successful romantic relationship you’ve ever had if you pay attention to just one detail about people.

  1. You need to feel there must be a true commitment before you feel safe enough to fall in love.
  2. You need to feel you are deeply in love with someone before you feel comfortable making a true commitment to them.

In business, the first group of people would even hide their true talents from you until they get a full-time, permanent employment from you, they want commitment, and for them to belong to the company and for the company to swear to never give up on them, while the second group wants you to “fall in love with them” and ask you to join their team, but they don’t expect that employment be life long, necessarily. The second group is also much more likely to be seeking self-employment in the long run, and that’s why they, also, as employers, understand the need for temporary positions under their roof.

One loves the feeling that there is no way out, while the other loves the freedom to come and go as they please (and the knowledge that even if people are free to come and go, they still return to you out of a free choice).

The first group thrives in a truly committed marriage, the other one dies slowly.

The first group tends to pressure people into commitment, while the other is waiting for the lightning to strike (and not in vain, either, should they not give up just a moment before it’s about to).

There is also a strong need in the first group of people to get themselves a mentor, even in sexual relationships. They always feel like there is someone who knows things like a magician, and they want that information, and unfortunately, that information often exists with the second group of people. They are not shy to give it away if asked, but the first group of people feels they have to MARRY YOU to acquire the information you’d part with without hesitation if asked. The first group of people feign disinterest in the stuff they are really curious about, too, until you marry them or hire them, because then, they feel they’ve got you trapped and you’ve got no way out of that relationship, so they can do with you whatever they want, and they own your information, your personality, and your life – they’d figure you own them too, but the second group of people doesn’t want to own anyone, so the relationship is always unbalanced.

There is a point when the second group of people also feels like they want to give themselves to someone else, but it always comes as Brianna’s pledge, through honor, through respect, through absolute love towards someone, never as a trap or a result of a bargain.

The first group of people also considers you the biggest idiot in the world if you offer them free information like I’m doing now. But the second group of people pretty much knows they’re so knowledgeable, that even if they kept talking for the rest of their lives they’d never be able to fully educate another person with what they know, so they might as well. They also know that a person who is willing to share information is a wanted guest, a wanted friend, and a wanted colleague… And so forth. People who are willing to share what they know usually do well in this life.

I call the first group Fluid Thinkers and the second group Solid Thinkers. The Solid Thinkers are more likely to be drawn to this site as an internal need, while the Fluid Thinkers would be here to snoop. The empty or fake profiles are likely to belong to Fluid Thinkers, who want to keep their cards close to their chest until someone makes a commitment to them after which they are willing to give you everything they’ve got – but only you. You are not supposed to say a word of it to anyone else. It is likely, that something that a Solid Thinker would never consider a secret is the thing that their gangster friends (should they have any) had them killed for spilling. The Fluid Thinkers run a tight ship when they make connections, and the Solid Thinkers, with a band of Fluid Thinkers, feel trapped, whether they run a church, a family, or a criminal organization.

The Fluid Thinkers should never include a Solid Thinker into their secrets, nor should a Solid Thinker ever make an alliance with a Fluid Thinker… Unless knowing where they fit.

A Fluid Thinker is a great asset in big companies that are likely not fold anytime soon, where they can run a certain department pretty much the way they want to – as long as you keep an eye on them, as if there’s one with criminal tendencies, they CAN turn the whole bunch that way. They think as a unit, not as individuals, but the positive is, that they take a lot more convincing than a Solid Thinker, as they also make decisions as one, only when everyone agrees. (Hence the reason why we are still having a debate over whether gays should be able to marry or not.)

The Fluid Thinkers, hence their name, are also very good at dressing for the job they want. They become what you need from them, while the Solid Thinkers will stay the same they were the day you married them. The Fluid Thinkers have a single personality, and then they have a completely different married personality, that often turns a Solid Thinker cold the minute they married. The Solid Thinkers won’t change their personality from cot to grave, they simply add to it. They become more of what they already were, while the Fluid Thinkers change right in front of your eyes based on what they are expected to be, or what they feel they have the right to be. (Hillary Clinton is a Fluid Thinker, Trump is a Solid Thinker, but a Solid Thinker who is struggling to figure things out right now and needs help.)

The Solid Thinkers, by the way, only accept help and guidance from people when they feel there are superiors to them. We all turn a little Fluid when we meet someone who knows more about the Solid Thinker wants to know, but the Solids, again, add to what they know, they don’t change their personality as a result, the biggest change you see in a Solid Thinker, however, is when t hey feel they have been trapped into a corner and need to break free. They’ll turn from an angel to a demon when cornered. The Fluid Thinkers do it the other way around, they turn from a monster to an angel when cornered and put into their place, but they always need someone to show them “the right thing to do” otherwise they’ll always test their boundaries and what is allowed and what is not, while the Solid Thinkers, hence their name, have a solid set of inherent morals that hold them even when nobody is looking.

There’s a lot more to this differentiation than this, but I think this is well enough for one post, just keep an eye out on those spots.

The trouble is, Solid Thinkers don’t necessarily read instructions as they like to figure things out for themselves. 😀

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