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I am aware that men do not find it attractive when a woman attacks another woman

However... SOMEONE needs to say something, and I volunteer

The kind of men who I love are chivalrous. They are mild-mannered, beautiful people, who have respect for others. They self-sacrifice before they cause any discomfort to another person. I once was similar to them. I was driven into a corner in a situation that I couldn’t predict and I changed a bit. I can no longer IGNORE what is happening, and I will, thus, say certain things out loud that I otherwise would have kept behind a closed mouth.

Women used to be able to count on my support

I have been used as a shield against scary men and women before. I have been the one fighting others’ battles, in whatever small way that has happened. I would have been willing to do a lot more, too. My girlfriends would know I can help them out in their relationships and that sort of thing… But my eyes have opened to what I’ve been a party to; denying men the right to self-govern.

This has made me think twice about my alignments. I have lost my temper a few too many times, for a variety of reasons. I’ve called women cunts and assholes and a great variety of more inventive names, and they’ve deserved those names.

I realized I was used, too

Although I am not saying that ALL women in my life used me for their own personal gain in a manner I oppose to – of course, my theories are there to be used, and that’s not what I’m talking about – I say a lot of women either used me or were lining up to use me upon discovering a few secrets about me. Not only that, I realized that I had used some friendships for my own benefit in a way that I hold a moral judgment for myself.

I will confess to my own friendship crime first

I wanted to think that I was doing the right thing. I wanted to convince myself that making friends with an outsider was the selfless thing to do. Instead, I realized that a) I needed a friend, ANY friend no issue there, but b) I liked the feeling of power with her. Because I was “cooler” than her, she would hang onto every word I said. It was blissful. c) Guys gave me credit for hanging out with someone “plain” and thought of me as a better person because I had an uncool friend. Having an uncool friend made me look better. The perfect accessory.

What I told myself about the motivations to this friendship are irrelevant, I was young and all. Suffices to say I thought my motivations were noble, give people a chance and all that. However, I realized I was using her for a purpose, and she was using me. Having a friend who was more popular among men than what a monogamist has time for gives the best friend a smorgasbord of leftovers, and she was hungry.

I need a fast re-education process for women associated with me

Unrelatedly, my patience ended. I got tired of the bullshit that was my life. As I started to figure out what has actually gone wrong in my life, in 99% of the instances my problems stemmed from an alliance with a woman. The only problem I had with a man was my father, who did not stand up to protect me from my mother. I understand why he did not, but nonetheless, he could have controlled his bitch a bit better. 😀

As I need my female friends and all future female associates GET THE POINT THROUGH FAST, I will not mince my words. I don’t have time for niceties. Unfortunately, I realize that sometimes fighting egotists is the very thing to make them hold onto you tighter. I’ve learned to dodge and escape, but I need to send the message to anyone who still thinks they can take me for granted… That things have changed. Permanently.

I understand men find this awkward and off-putting

Nothing says fun times as watching your 40-year old girlfriend snarl at her mother. The worst part is the moment when your boyfriend thinks you are fighting your mother in order to impress him! “Look, honey, I’m a big girl, I can say ‘fuck you’ to my mother, ooo, look at me, sexy hot!” Luckily, this has only ever happened in the spirit, as I haven’t been able to convince my mom and other women to leave us in peace for more than 5 minutes ONCE during the last 6 years.

I know my “voices” experience is a little difficult to relate to, but it is very real “simulation game”. It is to predict what would happen with these people in real life IF this situation would occur in the physical. I am being coached to foresee problems and solve them before coming to it, by people who I’ll a) want to deal with and b) have to deal with. The way this worked was that I reconnected with some of my REAL soulmates in the spirit, and “my protectors” got alerted to it. My “protectors” saw these men as “the wrong crowd I fall into”, while, to me, they are everything I’ve ever loved and wanted.

Still a teen

In this scenario, I’ve fought people off my back, trying to convince them that as I’ve passed the age 40, they no longer can treat me like I was a naive 15-year old not knowing any better. Incredibly difficult with people who think “thinking for yourself” means “once you’ve learned to replace your own thoughts with mine without me forcing you to”. You can possibly imagine the frustration still being treated like a 15-year old, despite all of your life experience and knowledge.

What this has to do with OTHER women?

I TRULY understood what men go through in their relationships to women. Even though a lot of this was about my mother and my former best friend and some other women, I could SO EASILY relate to men in oppressive and abusive relationships, men being the victim. I no longer wonder why some men lose their git with women. I no longer believe that “it is never OK to hit a woman”… It may not be OK, but it is CERTAINLY understandable and excusable at times. I can honestly tell you, that if what has happened in the spirit had happened in the real life, I WOULD HAVE resorted to violence. NO question about it. If my oppressor had been a male, not one single individual would have blamed for it.

Truly I got shown what happens when a woman considers you their a) property b) responsibility or c) an extension to their own ego. There is absolutely nothing beautiful about it, but because it is about a woman, we all have a conditioned way of looking at it: Women are good people. Every time. Women are always right, they are “good in relationships”, they are “more in touch with their emotions” and so forth. None of that is even remotely true. I figured out that the discourse “men and women” is not about men and women. It is about one type of an asshole and another type of an asshole. Both come in both genders and every one of us is one or the other. Neither type is good around the other type, but only women have the societal right to complain about it either way. The gender bias against men is rampant in western societies.

I figured out that the discourse “men and women” is not about men and women. It is about one type of an asshole and another type of an asshole. Both come in both genders and every one of us is one or the other. Neither type is good around the other type, but only women have the societal right to complain about it either way. The gender bias against men is rampant in western societies.

Women do not know how to react to criticism

Since forever, women have always been protected from responsibility and criticism. We STILL do that. We STILL blame men on everything that is wrong with women’s lives. Women are not to blame for anything apart from raising their kids wrong. Mothers insist they are not the blame for that, either, even though they have the primary caretaker role. Even then, men should take the blame for their choices, or they believe the child was ruined the day it came out. Couldn’t have possibly done right by it! Humanly impossible. You know what they sound like.

As I say things out loud that seem hateful towards women, consider this. Is this a gender-equal time? Would it be OK to say the same thing to a man without me being considered unreasonable? If so, it’s okay for me to say it, or we’ll just have to accept the experiment of feminism has failed and we have to wrap us, women, back into the cotton wool we belong in. I don’t think anyone of us wants that. I certainly don’t want that.


I am not going to be associated with the kind of attitudes that are generally regarded “feminine”. I NEED TO point out the fact not all women are alike, and not all women speak for all women. I need to set myself apart from them. I cannot have any of you treat me like I’m “betraying my own people”. We share the same genitals, and that’s about it. This is no female coalition as far as I’m concerned.

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