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Bad Girl Looking Good

Why the bad girls are often quiet

This is something men ought to know about quiet girls… And quiet men as well… For centuries, sexual chastity has been a thing that all women were supposed to at least fake if not obtain. It is easy to keep up a light conversation when you know that your thoughts are welcome and you never really even think about things that people would judge you for, but when your mind wanders to topics considered a taboo all the time… What are you going to say? Talk about flowers in a suggestive manner and expect nobody who should not notice to notice? Uh no. “If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all…”

As our previous incarnations have been brainwashed into the knowledge that saying too much can get you into trouble, you learn to shut the hell up and hope that your dirty mind doesn’t become too apparent to the civilized part of your family and friends and your associates… And, at the same time, you hope that the right man would notice your deviousness and marry you and make good of all the lurid tales that your elders warned all men to be like.

Good girls don’t really think they need to say things out loud or to seek for men who are bad to the bone, instinctively speaking, as once married, she could trust a man to become a man, a vile beast with nothing but illicit fantasies for her to satisfy.

It has taken us a while to notice that the times have changed.

The men are no longer so confident that their advances won’t be punished by some form of societal scorn or legal action for “unwanted sexual advances” or “sexual harassment”, the stuff that a few quiet girls would gladly welcome.

The introverted girl has learned to keep their mouth shut, and it is really difficult for them to get their claws out. However… As mouth shut was often the thing, they wouldn’t scream if a man made passes in the quiet corridors, in the dark, or make a sound when they orgasmed, or say a word about who fathered the surprise babies.

They need to say something without saying anything. They look at you and hope you get the message. They smile at you quietly to invite you over, to ask you to follow them out of the door and into the garden or into the dark corners.

And then they return just as if nothing had ever happened…

With a polite smile on their lips.


“It’s always the quiet ones,” right? I am an introvert. The way an introvert says “I want you to f*** my brain out” is very different to the way an extrovert says the same thing. An introvert tends to shut up and strut their stuff a bit more rather than talk to you until you say “OK”. A self-confident introvert may play up their self-confidence a tad too much to be inviting, because they feel the need to tell you that despite their quietness, they’re not a goody-two-shoe. What that ice-queen or ice-king is waiting for is for you to look them in the eye. If they avoid your eyes, they’re not interested in you. If they are… Just have a look in their eyes and see what happens. #selfconfidence #shy #overconfident #cool #playingitcool #introverts #introversion #beinganintrovert #infp #sexualsignals #sexuality #relationshipadvice #icequeen #iceking #advances #sexualadvances #eyecontact #overcompensating

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Allan Furlong

This is soooooo true! And wasn’t i glad to learn such a lesson about the quiet girls that crossed my path….twice!!! 🙂 I write that with a smile but also I mean it with all sincerity….two beautiful women that were the complete package…sometimes a woman just needs to feel safe with someone and she is willing to be led. Also – I like what you wrote about an ice-queen looking you (no-one else) in the eyes. That can be a pretty awesome connection when that happens.


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