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Dirty Truths – a truth or dare type a game – sex version (isn’t it always)?

Haa this is going to be fun. Found this at I read the first 3, fun, so I’ll do the whole list for you. :p If I skip one, you can send me a dare for each answer skipped. :p

  1. “What kind of porn gets you all hot and bothered?”Gang bangs, but it has to be dirty as. No clinical “respect for girls” porn, you know the kind that makes you think the guys are holding back or are not really emotionally connected to her, as in… The guys need to DEFILE her psychologically, not just fuck her body.
  2. “If you could swap genders, what would be the first thing you do?” Have a wank. And then I’d get on Grinder.
  3. “What about the opposite sex gets you most hot and bothered?” His heart. (This is where my guy’s jaw dropped.) I need to feel his feelings, the dirty stuff, the lust, the need to impale… The mind, that is, connected to the heart where it all is burned in a furnace.
  4. “What about the same-sex gets you most hot and bothered?” K. A girlfriend who is just as much into men as I am, and who KNOWS we go out to have fun with guys, not to be bashful about it, but also, someone who knows how to do it, I don’t want a loud and obnoxious friend, because men hate them, I want a fun, cute girlfriend who knows not to throw herself at men, but to be respectful and nice about it… And who I’ll never have to drive back home after a night out… She’d be fun and sexy to hang with. (No, don’t have a friend like that but she’d be fun.)
  5. “If you could have anyone be your sex slave, who would it be and what would you make them do?”I’m not really into sex slaves at all, to be honest, but… Orlando Bloom would probably look real nice in chains. (I just saw his movie, and I must say the thought crossed my mind.) What would I have him do… I’d have him for a statue. A nice decorative piece in my living room.
  6. “Have you ever worn women’s panties?”Well… Doh. I’d better answer that so nobody takes that as a skipped question. Yes.
  7. “If you could have a threesome with two people, who would you choose?”Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, hands down.
  8. “Would you have a threesome with 2 guys and 1 girl?”Only if I get to be the girl.
  9. “Would you have a threesome with 1 guy and 2 girls?”No.
  10. “What kind of porn do you most hate?”Clinical. The kind in which everything looks polished… No. No, I don’t. I hate amateur porn with ugly people even more.
  11. “When is the last time you watched porn?”Not too long ago. Like… A week. I don’t usually, but I have a few new friends on AFF who keep sending me clips that I watch out of curiosity.
  12. “When was the last time that you masturbated?”Um… Probably after watching one of those clips. I honestly can’t remember but it wouldn’t be long ago. Always fun knowing your mom is watching. *Sarcastic but truthful. In spirit, of course*
  13. “Have you ever been involved in a same-sex experience?”Nooooo. Nearly did, I thought I’d brave it as the guy involved was someone I had a freaking massive crush on, an Axl Rose lookalike of sorts, and I thought well this is my chance, but then the thought of her naked made me want to puke so I… I did… Umm… Vanish. I hooked up with a drop dead gorgeous long haired male stripper that night instead. I thought this was a good enough excuse to flake.
  14. “Have you ever gone a full day without wearing any underwear?”Probably not a full day. It’s actually quite uncomfortable.
  15. “Have you ever regretted having sex with someone right after?”Yes. Only once, though. Or twice. No once, didn’t really regret the other, it was just… Hmm… Knowing a bit too much about the bouncer of one of your favorite clubs and knowing you can’t avoid him later if you still want to go there.
  16. “Have you wanted to have sex with someone that you would never in your life consider dating?”Wanted to… Can’t say that I have… I don’t know yeah maybe, does a teacher count?
  17. “Have you ever skinny dipped?”Have done. The first time I did that with this guy… Super hot guy with a yin and yan tattoo on his shoulder, (just throwing that out there)… It was midnight, dark as… But in the darkness, I hear a familiar voice: “Sebby, is that YOU?!” I’m like “A??! WTF?!”  Hadn’t seen or heard of him since he moved away when we were 11 and I still recognized his voice, couldn’t see him at all though. I forget faces, but rarely a voice. Yeah that was interesting.
  18. “Have you ever kissed more than one person from the same family?”Um… No, I don’t think so, but wanted to, yes.
  19. “What is the kinkiest and dirtiest dream you have ever had?”Oh, Christ almighty this would have to go to the PASS category. I won’t even tell you what sub category it belongs in, but you can imagine considering what else I tell.
  20. “If you could add 3 inches to your penis or 3 inches to your height, which would you choose?”I do not have a penis. Clearly, I am of the wrong gender here.
  21. “Would you rather see me in boy shorts or a short skirt?”I repeat the above complaint… But I don’t mind a sausage in a skirt from time to time.
  22. “Have you ever thought of anyone else during sex other than me?”Who the hell are you? The answer to that would be a definite yes, though.
  23. “Have you ever been completely dominated?”No. Sadly.
  24. “Have you ever completely dominated someone?”No. No sadness.
  25. “Do you own any sex toys?”Yes.
  26. “What is your favorite sex toy”?Okay. A then ex fuck buddy / buddy of mine and his twin brother once brought me a birthday present. Their girlfriends were out of town together, and the guys, unsupervised as they were, brought me a bunch of flowers, which at first I thought was weird, they know me and know that with flowers, I’m a Shania Twain, not impressed much, but upon a closer inspection, the bunch was decorated with a butterfly, and if you’re a girl and never owned one, you’ve got to get one. In contrast, when my then best friend had her birthday party 2 months later and the girlfriends were back, she received a scented candle, and not even strategically sized. We laughed for weeks afterward.
  27. “Have you ever done the dirty in public? If not, would you want to?”Have done.
  28. “Do you have any embarrassing sex stories?”Yes. One.
  29. “How old were you the first time you masturbated?”I was old. 13.
  30. “Would you ever consider doing porn?”Have considered before, would consider it again.
  31. “Have you ever tried anal?”Yea.
  32. “Have you ever paid for sex?”No.
  33. “Do you ever wish you had a bigger penis? If so, length, girth, or both?”Didn’t you ask this again? Still don’t have one…
  34. “Do you ever wish your boobs were bigger?”Yes. All the time, but I hate silicone and I’d hate the dress size I’d have to get to get to the size I’d like, so… I’m screwed. Not worth the lost waist in other words.
  35. “Have you ever done any role playing? If so, what is your most embarrassing role?”No. I don’t get role playing. Why would I want to be someone else during sex. I’d feel completely idiotic.
  36. “What is the most times you have had sex in one day?”Oh, I don’t know, who keeps count. I remember one weekend that me and this bloke got in bed on Friday afternoon, and didn’t get up but maybe once during the weekend to get some food, and we were both dizzy. We were both so sore by Sunday we were in tears fucking.
  37. “What are the most orgasms you have had in one day?”I have never thought to count or to remember the tally, but not as many as you’d imagine. I rarely come twice in a row, and not necessarily every time – I don’t care about my own, only his. But I also have never counted his orgasms so… Or memorized the tally.
  38. “What is the longest you have gone without sex or masturbating?”Months and months. There was a period when I barely thought about sex. I just forgot it existed.
  39. “If you could make a living as a prostitute, would you?”I have thought about it. I kind of like the idea, but then I’m like… Who am I going to charge for this and who would pay? 😀
  40. “Where is the most insane place you have had sex?”Okay. Finns will get this: Tampereen entisen pappilan eteisen yläkomerossa. Yep. That’s a tough one to translate. In the top closet of a built in wardrobe in the entrance hall of the old vicarage of Tampere.
  41. “Do you swallow or spit?”Depends on my mood.
  42. “Have you ever snowballed?”Um… No. Something tells me that’s about to happen sometime in the future.
  43. “If you had to have sex with an animal, what animal would you choose?A gorilla. At least he could say hell no if he didn’t want it.
  44. “On a scale of 1 to 10, how good am I at going down on you?”You don’t.
  45. “Have you ever had a sex dream about me?”Well, no, you anonymous internet person. (Depends on who is reading tho… Matthew? Steven? Orly? Nuno? Johnny…?)
  46. “Have we ever had horrible sex?”Nope.
  47. “Do you like drunken sex?”I’ve never had a drink yet but I actually don’t mind him being blind drunk… There’s a certain different feel to it and I kinda like it.
  48. “Have you ever faked an orgasm?”Yes. Sometimes you just have to make him stop.
  49. “Have you ever faked an orgasm with me?”Eh.
  50. “What position have you always wanted to try?”I’m not really into the acrobatics, usually, they’re just uncomfortable or weird… Or already done.
  51. “Would you ever eat out my ass?”No. Whoever you are, no.
  52. “What is something that makes you cum every time?”Most variants of sexual abuse and non-consensual sex. (Male dom, of course, and myself as the victim.)
  53. “Who is the oldest person you have had sex with? How old were you?”I can’t remember. The standard age cap is starting to be around 10-15 years, but when it felt the biggest was at 18 with a 30-year-old, but that wasn’t and all-the-way thing.
  54. “What is the stupidest thing you have ever done on a dare?”Never done a dare. Nobody has ever tried to dare me I don’t think.
  55. “What would you do for a Snickers?”Currently nothing… You caught me in a rare moment when I have absolutely no desire for a Snickers bar.
  56. “What is the fastest you have ever cum?”I don’t know. I can speed up to something like… Less than 5 minutes in good company, but he’ll be coming even faster or I won’t.
  57. “Have I ever done something that you really didn’t like during sex?”Well… Depends on how you emphasize the word “really”. I’ve never done anything that haunts me day in and day out, but of course, I’ve stretched to something that I don’t REALLY like, as in, are not crazy for but not really opposed to it, either.
  58. “If we had to have sex for an hour straight, what position would it be in?”Missionary for me, but could spoon too. Comfy.
  59. “If I was a cupcake, how would you eat me?”I’d bite and swallow, hey?
  60. “Do you like going down on someone?”Well… Not always.


I’ve always liked this game. :p

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