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In the mind of the pervos who pay you for “a sexy chat” on Instagram and the like

This was interesting, too

Yesterday I blogged about that guy who essentially proposed to me on the second message he sent me, very bizarre, offering me some material for my studies without realizing. Today, I’ve got another color of crazy for you. This time, in the form of a man who approached me on Instagram promising me 5000 dollars for “a sexy chat and pics”.

Sounds bizarre, but…

Okay, I had my doubts, but since I do “sexy chat and pics” for fun on AFF and other places anyway, I thought what the heck, let’s see what this guy wants and where this leads. He first shows me a picture of a bag of money, which obviously is unlikely to actually be real, but I’m like yeah whatever, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the money, but he has figured showing “visuals” will make him seem more legit. After all, this is the electronic era, even if he had the money, it would be sent through PayPal, so showing a picture of money that doesn’t need to be there (as it’s on PayPal) isn’t exactly dishonest.

Can you trust a pervert?

There’s the stigma on perverts that you can’t trust them, but what I’ve learned is that you can, you just have to know how they think and what they want, but I must say this brand of a pervert was a new one for me, as I don’t take too well to a tone that commands on the wrong tone, and his was certainly wrong from the get go.

In some ways, you can count on a pervert to spend money, more than anyone else!

His pace is super fast…

So he asks me to do this and do that and do whatever in a fast pace, at the pace that suggests that no way he’s actually in it for this, he is simply seeing how far you’d go for the money. Normally, men like to take their time, enjoy each photo, they are relaxing, after all. I know he’s planning on masturbating to the series of pictures later on, but he just needs to get there first.

What is he paying for?

So there are different kinds of pervs. Some want  you to be honest, and they hate it when you do stuff for them that you wouldn’t do or fake an orgasm or whatever, and I kinda like that bunch, as well as those who love you for giving them what they want for free, after which they want to pay you or send you gifts anyway because they think you’re lovely. I dig that bunch, although they’re rarer than what one would wish they were.

He’s not fun to play with

I obviously don’t like the feel playing with this guy at all. I don’t like the forcefulness, the hurried pace, the idiocy of his requests. “Put black underwear in mouth,” he commands in broken English and I’m like… Yeah, whatever, if this gets you off. I had a clean pair so who the f cares, right?

He reveals his inexperience with women in some careless comment, but that only explains why he’d be willing to pay such ridiculous amounts of money for something that to me seemed pretty lame/weird, but then again, free chat guys don’t ask you to put black panties in mouth and expect to get away with it. I’d still do it, most likely, given the right context and tonality, a bit of humor and hey no worries, but… Yeah, they tend not to do that.

So I’m thinking who is playing who here because I admit a few years back I would have just said no to suggestions like this because I know they won’t pay up, I mean why would they? But I want to see where this is going, and who knows, maybe he will pay up? I could certainly use the 5000 he promised me.

The no-go zone is reached

He then asks me to get my flat mate into the game. I tell him no, he’s not part of the deal. So he starts pestering me for that, raising his price to 10 000 if I go kiss him and to “suck him off”. I tell him no because we‘re good the way we are.

Other guys might have wanted to pay you to tell them stuff you haven’t told anyone else before. They know when you tell them you don’t want to say or to ask something else. They want what you don’t want to do or say. Unfortunately, my limits are fairly flexible compared to most Instagram girls, so I happily do stuff most women wouldn’t have. So there are pics to prove that. 😀 I should have been smart and say no to the double dildo penetration but… 😀 Hindsight and all. I figured that’s at least something to pay for, might make him happy, but no. He wants the stuff that is absolutely beyond the limits, right, and I don’t want to go beyond my limits until I know his cash is real.

He didn’t even blink when I suggested I’d get some guy to fuck me on camera for him any kind of a guy he wants, old, young, pretty ugly, what evs, just not my roomie, and not today, and as long as the price is right. He didn’t even answer. The turn on is about stuff I don’t want to do.

He would pay me to trust him and to let him do with me as he pleases

On the other side of this coin is that he wants the trust first. He wants to feel the power. I, on the other hand, am quite fond of my power and not inclined to sell it. So I start to see what he was actually intending to pay me for, which was to follow his command and go over my boundaries and trust him the money is real and his word is good. So yeah, I do think his money was real, and that he had every intention to pay up, IF he had what he wanted, as in me do something I wouldn’t normally do. The whole point of playing with money, right?

Threats arise

So to persuade me, he tells me he’s going to send all the pics so far to my friends on Instagram but takes it back as a joke before I have time to reply. I laugh and tell him to get to it as if anyone of them would be shocked. There’s a certain power you hold when you haven’t got secrets. Secrets and shame are terrible for your ability to be autonomous, so I like to avoid them at all cost by not keeping secrets.

I was mostly thinking that because these pictures are very much just snaps, they’ll look awful published in the gossip magazines after I get famous. 😀 So if that day ever comes, I apologize and beg you to understand that low light conditions create blemishes that are not even there! In reality, I am as pretty as I look in my own pics! All those unflattering angles, yacks!

I got bored

So we hit the snare when he simply bores me to death. The stuff I’m willing to do is not a huge turn on when the command is like as he’s got. I also know he’s not going to pay for stuff I’m willing to do so I try another angle and start pressing him for it. He says something mild again, like a picture with your jeans on and in a bra. So the angle here is to get me going again and then he’ll turn up the heat one task after the other, right? And eventually, once he cums, he’ll make good of his promise.

There are women who’d get completely turned on by this

Now, this sounds sinister, but there are women who love this. They get off on the same idea as he does. She surrenders her inhibitions and goes further than what she has ever gone before fully trusting this guy and his word. In the end, that is rewarded with a wad of cash. Everyone’s happy, she feels royally fucked (a good thing) and rewarded at the same time. These are the very same women who believe a guy who is beating them up is testing their loyalty, while they, themselves, are waiting for some kind of a reward in the end, probably a proposal that will never arrive if the guy thinks like me – and the beating up is to ask her “at what stage will your self-respect rise and you’ll leave me the fuck alone?”

These are the very same women who believe a guy who is beating them up is testing their loyalty, while they, themselves, are waiting for some kind of a reward in the end. They may be hoping for a proposal that will never arrive if the guy thinks like me. People like me want to chase people away by being unkind and even cruel, but these lot feel it’s a test before the reward.

“He hasn’t got money”

So he then tells me he hasn’t got the money, and I’m like well go figure. He threatens to tell my friends all this if he doesn’t get what he wants. I tell him that well, I know you’ve never been with a woman Mr. “Show me your cum in your hand”, and that I’d be more than happy to enlighten his friends with that information. So he tells me he’s 19 and all he has is 1000…

I faked tears!

I’ve never done shit like this before, so I should get my 5000 for this: I decided to see if I could make him lose his hard-on for good, and go all “you hurt me and now you won’t even pay me…” “I trusted you to be good for your word, but you just…” you know. So he goes in again. “Send me one more selfie and I’ll pay you.” I say no at first… “Don’t do this to me after all of this…” I figure he wants to see that hurt because that would be something, right? The trouble is, to make me cry without something like the show of Lady Brianne’s undying loyalty for her masters in the Game of Thrones is not an easy task. To remedy the lack of Lady Brianne present, I go into the bathroom and wet my eyes with water, and send him the pic…

“Why you cry?”

“You know why I cry…”

“OK, I’ll give you the 1000 dollars if…”

Learned from this: How TO ensure you’ll get your money

If you think like me, rather than getting off on the idea of someone breaking your boundaries, and are planning on doing this, here’s a tip. The smart way to do it is to inform the gentleman that there’s a possibility to dispute a payment with PayPal if you don’t deliver on your promise to play with him.

That may potentially put you in the hook for a whole month (or is it 3 months) during which time he can raise a complaint so you can keep that money. If you have a little more clear terms in what the gentleman is paying for and you keep pictures to prove it, too… You’ll be good.

This will work for the guys who actually want you to have fun, too. They pay for the knowledge that they couldn’t play with a girl like you (gorgeous) if there wasn’t money involved. That bunch is more than happy with this arrangement.

Do you think I got my 5000 dollars worth of material?

Hmm… As a psychological test, do you think I got my 5000 worth of material, even though he didn’t pay me?

Maybe at least enough to remedy the dent in my own self-respect here. 😀

If you do think I was just a dollar short of getting my 5000 worth with this information and you’d like to make good for the difference, here’s your chance. 😀


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