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Let’s see if I can repeat it – this time, Skid Row

You know that Tarot reading for Axl and Slash... Well...

Now I don’t MEAN to take credit for bringing Guns N’ Roses back together again, but damned there were some eerie coincidences here and there, so let’s see what happens if I do the same with Skid Row.

I had a sketchy idea of what the Gunners feud was all about, to begin with, and I have even less of an idea what was the reason Skid Row broke up, I don’t know why I never read anything about it. All I know is that that one day after a tour..? Sebastian Bach received a phone call informing him that he no longer had a band. So what happened? Can we fix it?

So mercifully, Tarot gives me a reason for the breakup being such that the magazines would never print, as the underlying true reasons that might go into it. Essentially one part of the band feeling smaller than the other part of the band and feeling like they can no longer keep up or compete with the star of the show, let’s just call that star Sebastian who was getting bigger and bigger and bigger by every moment that passed. It must suck to ask a guy to join a band, and in a few short weeks to get signed (I know that much) and then watch that band go into the hands of the new guy, the new guy getting all the credit for it, the new guy swimming in adoration (and undoubtedly money) compared to the guys whose work his success was largely built upon. He was too pretty, too sexy, and too damned rock to be measured up by the band, who, clearly, wasn’t exactly chopped liver themselves.

So as Sebastian got separated from the band by the public – and to be fair, he IS simply a force of nature and a magical being, no doubt about it – I must explain this to the rest of the band that is listening… It is not so much that anyone thought he was a better musician than the rest of you, or that he was responsible for the songs (although I’m sure some people thought so) but he is simply a divine being. He has a glow about him that makes everyone standing next to him pale in comparison. He grew up to be a rock star, his whole being screams rock, and he has such a playful boyish excitement to him (still to this day) that it is really difficult to look the other way as he  innocently like a little boy goes about his day and his business without a care in the world – laughing after each sentence that comes out of his mouth. (That’s actually a little sinister, but I’ll return back to that later.) He has an aura that was going to be impossible to not notice once he was somewhere to be seen – on stage with Skid Row.

His fame was not really about the songs, that were, and are… like he himself put it: “Some serious rock n’ roll”. (I know some things at least.) Skid Row… The music… It is simply matching his amazing personality. The song writing is the other half of his success… as you know, once he was dropped off the band, he is still doing stuff, but he’s not as big alone as he was in Skid Row, but then, neither is Skid Row. People still love him for who he is, but there is a void, the numerous records he’s done after Skid Row, some of them pretty damned good, it’s not Skid Row. Just because he takes all or most of the attention, there is a huge chunk of “him” missing when the band is not there. He may surround himself with the biggest names in the business and get himself the best musicians money can buy, but it’s still not the same. (And his drummer. WTF happened there?)

In some weird way, I think the conflict came from the idea that Sebastian is getting all the credit of YOUR work, people treat him like the great musician, but no, people treat him as the massively entertaining front man of a rock band that is simply out of this world cool. Was. Was. Fuck we’re all old and near done. The chicks dig him, not because he wrote the songs, but because his hair is so god damned nice, and his face is as beautiful as a young girl’s. (Yes, we know that’s weird.) He’s fun to look at, he’s amazing to listen to, he’s hilarious to hear speak, and he offered the rock and roll drama that no fan wants to go without – so he punched the lights out of a fan once, and did some awful stuff, but hell, he’s a rock n roll front man, that’s kind of his duty to do, and the duty of a fan is to risk getting caught in the middle of nastiness and… well, that’s just rock n’ roll. What specific show do people look up on YouTube when they want a trip down a memory lane or to find the AMAZING thing? Yeah. Not the one where all of you played as well as if you were listening to a record, right? No. They look up the clip in which Sebastian jumps into the crowd to beat up a fan. (And no, of COURSE, we here at do not condone any of such behavior and we, the authors, apologize for all the pain and suffering for all persons involved and take full responsibility of all hurt feelings caused by this remark…)

So the inner conflict between having to give Sebastian credit for breaking the band to begin with, and then trying to pretend like it didn’t SUCK that he got all the attention – trying to act all grown up about it and pretend not to care…? Yeah, that’s all anti-rock n’ roll. Egos. The damned egos. Rock n’ Roll IS ABOUT THE EGOS. Let them clash and get everyone who cannot take the heat stay the hell out of the business. Rock n’ Roll should never be tamed, it’s a wild animal and a pack of wild animals, and it should never ever be subjected to rules and regulations and … being NICE. The only thing you might need to put in place is to remind people that Sebastian is Skid Row’s singer, rather than Skid Row is Sebastian’s band because it isn’t. Skid Row was before Sebastian and it still is, Sebastian is the one who made them huge, but… He is THEIR singer.

And don’t get me wrong, rockers are about as nice as people get. I have always wondered why these guys have such a bad rep, when in fact, they are the ones I feel comfortable around knowing there is not one unpredictable thing that goes wrong with these guys. They anger for unfairness, they get fired up when someone does something really stupid and selfish. They defend their ladies’ honor and they punch a guy’s lights out because he did something wrong. They have each other’s backs, even if it means “I’ll come bail you out if the coppas get ya, mate.” Not so among all male groups, where politics play a higher role than what is right and what is wrong, where profit margins make people sweep shit under carpet, and the like, but no. With rockers, the rules are clear: “Make a mess of me” or my friends “and I’ll be the best mess you’ve ever made, baby.”

Pretending like you are not bothered is not rock n’ roll. It’s being parlor trained, and that shit festers.

So you kind of all know this is going to happen, don’t you? You ALL already know it’s going to happen one day, you’ll get back in a room together and start playing, right? Fuck it’s about time, too. So how should we breach this gap?

Pretend that you’re all grown up enough to let the past go. Initially. Just pretend it’s all cool. Pretend while knowing it has to be dealt with eventually. Share the emotions once you get to that point again. Be honest. Spill the beans. Know that whatever you’re feeling is probably nothing short of cute or lovely. Nobody wants credit for something they didn’t do, unless they’re a complete wanker, and not one of you is such. Get together and feel the sorrow of losing all of these years to something stupid. Apologize for having been too young and wild to get it earlier. It was a lot to take in, and hell, now you have the age to combat the sheer size of it all. Not everything about aging sucks… Most of it does, but not everything.

Realize that as you age, so do your fans.

We also get divorced. 😀

(And so should you, lol. Kidding. Partly.)

Dig out the good and the bad. The bad in there is really quite minor. So minor that you probably have had to pretend that there’s something REAL in there. Just talk it through. Stop following rules. Stop listening to other people and their instructions on how bands are saved from breaking up and how business relationships should work. Fuck business. This is a fun first, friendship second, (YES) and it’s everything that comes after that in rock and roll… And then, somewhere in the very last car of a hugely long train of stuff of importance… There’s some paperwork to be done. Get to the paper work with a new set of eyes. You don’t have to sign “industry standards”. You can customize your contracts any which way you want. Make the lawyers earn their salary by making YOUR wishes of the perfect contract come true. Make sure not one thing in what you sign feel bad to any of you. Fuck standards. Fuck the rules. You’re Skid Row. You’re the Gen X Gone Wild.

It’s okay to blame the externals. They are a huge part of what went wrong, and it’s okay to point a finger at the actual problem.

You’re alright.

Now, let’s see what happens.

Roll the dice get lucky
‘Cause they roll ya for a dime…

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