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My past life with Johnny Depp’s previous incarnation Carl Jung

When Michael Jackson died, a number of his “twin flames” came crawling out of the woodworks. They published books claiming to be his “twin flame” describing their spiritual connection to this man. Now, even though I don’t think they are lying, (just mistaken about the concept,) I thought: “That is easy to say now that he’s no longer here to say yey or ney about it.” Well… Johnny Depp is still amongst us, safe and sound, and I figured, after pondering this over a million times, that I’m just going to come out and say what has been happening… I suppose there’s no better time for this than now…

In 2012 I taught myself the use of a pendulum and automatic writing, and as a result, I became clairaudient. First, I connected to a man who I believed to be my one and only Twin Flame as the theory stipulates, Toni (not Tony, but Toni, a guy). I have never used his real name in public before, but because of this story his first name is relevant, so I’m putting it out there. That is the only thing you need to know about him, really, except that I used to watch Johnny Depp movies thinking of Toni because they looked so similar. Second, I connected to a man who I can’t identify yet, so I keep calling him Anton, as we decided to, after changing the name a few times over, “Anton” seemed alright.

With Anton, I started talking to Steven Tyler’s and Joe Perry’s subconscious minds, aka. their souls, and as described here, I think they have been aware of this conversation, to a degree at least. As we got more and more excited about our new-found ability to envision things together and planning lifetimes and lifetimes of fun and games together, a friend of mine, also in spirit form, told me that before you book your dances for the next 500 years, there are some guys here that need to speak to you.

“Like who?” I asked, sarcastically. Who could I POSSIBLY be interested in considering my current company, I thought. Who could even come close to these three men?

“OK… Let’s just say that just pick the guys you find the sexiest in this world.” She replied.

“Like who? Like Johnny Depp or something?” I laughed. I hear a slow, deep voice reply to that:

“As a matter of a fact…”

Long story short, time passed, and I had this funny feeling that Johnny and I were somehow connected to the late Victorian era, but I couldn’t put my finger on where. Elsewhere, I had concluded that I had lived to the turn of 1800 and 1900 with Toni, but died just in the turn of the century. I also had figured, that I had another incarnation who had been born around the early 50’s, and who had died young in a drug overdose.

As our party inside my head grew a little bigger with those previously mentioned “sexiest guys in the world”, one of the things I always wondered was Johnny’s age, he didn’t seem to fit our schedule, when the majority of us was born in the turn of 40 to 50’s and mid 70’s, so Johnny, who to me felt like an important piece of the puzzle, didn’t seem to fit the pattern being born in 1963.

I also felt a strong jolt when I was watching a couple of movies, one being Sherlock Holme’s story, in which Robert Downey Jr. made us all gasp for breath, in the movie, he walked through a victorian era lab; looking for an alchemist. Somehow, that linked my mind to Johnny, deeply.

Another early jolt came in the form of the movie about Carl Jung, A Dangerous Method, that just kept giving a jolt after jolt… I even googled Carl Jung often, because I felt there was something there, and the Myers-Briggs Personality Typologies simply… I couldn’t shake the feeling I had something to do with them – they were based on Jungian psychology and Jung’s archetypes.

I cannot, honestly, say what piece of information finally led me to take another, harder look at Carl Jung, and to try connecting him to Johnny Depp, but when I did, I nearly fell off my chair.

Carl Jung:
Born: July 26, 1875, Kesswil, Switzerland
Died: June 6, 1961, Küsnacht, Switzerland

Johnny Depp:
Born: June 9, 1963

OK. That is interesting. Jung’s date of death falls in line with Depp’s date of birth, quite beautifully. All good. So I take a closer look at the photos and start thinking… Carl Jung looks a bit like fat Johnny Depp.
I have a read… I hate these studies because I always feel stupid going into them, so I skim the pages, looking for something that catches my eye. Something did. Carl Jung’s mistress, his “other wife” and close assistant, one of the earliest female psychoanalysts in the world:

Antonia “Toni” Wolff:
Born: September 18, 1888, Zürich, Switzerland
Died: March 21, 1953, Zürich, Switzerland

Died… March 21. 1953… I was born on March 27, 1976. Not only that, her year of birth and year of death put her exactly in the space between my previous to that incarnation and the next one. That gave me the chills.

Carl and Toni. CARL AND TONI. Toni, the man I believed to be my twin flame had a best friend who I was dating when we met… His name is Carl.

If this wasn’t enough… Carl Jung’s wife, Emma Jung, instantly reminded me of my godparent’s daughter Henna. Emma, Henna.

Emma Jung:
Born: March 30, 1882, Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Died: November 27, 1955, Zürich, Switzerland

My birthday, again; March 27th.

Her father was called Johannes. Henna’s father was called Juhani, the closest Finnish equivalent there is. Henna’s birthday, however, offers no more clues.

I married in 2005. My husband’s last name… Young. The English variation of Jung.

Have you ever heard Carl Jung speak? I must say his energy is very different to that of Depp, he’s much more alert, eager to converse, fast, even. They have the same stammer, and some expressions on their face are similar, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you doubted they are the same person. I have my own doubts of course. Then again, him moving to acting is quite a logical step from psychology, and, depending who one wants to imitate, we change our expression, I believe, and, clearly, he was strongly influenced by Sigmund Freud for one, who portrayed the image of a psychoanalyst of the time. I feel Johnny Depp might be a little embarrassed to be “reduced” from a world-renowned, legendary psychiatrist to “a mere entertainer”. Needlessly embarrassed, of course, but… Still.

Both of these men also have a fascination towards insanity, frail, broken minds, and it seems as though Jung has arranged things for himself to look deeper into what insanity looks like from the inside, judging by Depp’s description of “the Circus”, that I figure, is a reference to schizophrenia or frequent psychotic episodes, coincidently something I have been diagnosed with… Rightly or wrongly. (I call it being strongly psychic, albeit the effects of it remain similar.) It also sounds a lot worse than what it actually is. I personally wouldn’t end “My Party” as I call it, for the world. I used to be sane for quite a number of years, turns out it’s boring.

Before I figured out that Depp might be the reincarnation of Carl Jung, I used to tell him, in spirit, all the time, that he would be a great psychiatrist or a director, or a screenwriter, because of his very natural, keen eye on the human mind. It seemed that he often fell into this role of a psychiatrist very easily when we were toying with a movie script together. He played two roles, one of my brother and also my shrink.

I don’t know enough about Johnny Depp’s family or other significant dates or names to connect more dots, but the way his relationship to Antonia is described in the pieces that I dare to even look at seems very close to what I feel when I talk to his spirit.

Now, back to the alchemy… Apparently, the reason why Antonia called off her relationship with Jung was because Jung was dabbling with alchemy and she didn’t approve. I am the same way. I am very strongly against anything related to witchcraft, and alchemy was one of those things that people linked to witchcraft for a long time, and even now, the word ‘alchemy’ gives me chills.

And… Johnny’s interesting birthdate… Apparently, it was a huge turn on for Antonia that Carl was that much older than her. 13 years, to be specific. My age difference to Johnny Depp… 13 years.


For my life, I have always been interested in psychology. Deeply interested. 5 years ago, I took a dive into it, first by starting an open university class in psychology, only to throw the books out in frustration of the very counter-intuitive approach that modern psychology has to the topic. I knew this, of course, but couldn’t take it in the end. At the same time, my own, independent ponderings to the field started to take off so soon at that time, that I no longer felt I even had the time for the unistudies if I had the motivation.

Similarly to Antonia, with no permission but that of my own (and the spirit support of Carl Jung) I created a series of theories; The overall framework I named the Free Spirit Theory, that includes the Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology, the Meta-blueprinting system, Soul Age Levels study, and the dual Thinker Types; Solid and Fluid Thinkers. All completely unscientific of course, but they are a result of a similar intuitive approach that, apparently, Antonia was using.

I haven’t read Wolff’s production. I do not dare to, but a friend who has been my confidante through this, had just read one of her works before I told her about my beliefs, and she said she had just finished reading the Female Archetypes of Toni Wolff. “How was it… Does it sound like me?” I asked. “It could be one of your blog posts.” She replied.

Antonia, to my eye, doesn’t look like me, but she looks like my mother. However, there is that cigarette holder in her most copied photo. I have always liked to pretend to be smoking a cigarette with a holder like that, but even though I have thought they have always been thin, I’ve only felt right when the girth of the whatever I’m holding is about as thick as the one she is holding. The only thing that makes me doubt this whole thing is that I find her expression to be foreign to me. Whenever I see other people’s incarnations, I feel they look much more alike – but then, maybe it’s just because I am looking at myself in another lifetime when she was awkward being photographed. Maybe it’s just weird. Her expression, though, it reminds me of both my brother and my mother, but not myself.

Edit: In August I took a few selfies, and at random, among the pictures, I find this, the expression is not typical, but at least it does exist in my repertoire… The angle was also so similar, I thought it looks staged, but maybe it’s just that someone had to show me what I couldn’t otherwise see:


I have my doubts, clearly, and I don’t even believe in hypnosis as an effective way to prove past lives, considering the ease in which any person can be channelled through any other person, I watch videos of myself and see another soul take over, just for a word or two, but still. If Antonia wanted to prove to be me, or Jung wanted to feel like a superstar, even if they weren’t us, they could easily be channelled in during a hypnotic session. The memories… I remember very little of this lifetime in comparison to some other lifetimes, mainly because I have been focussed on two others in particular, that, incredibly, outshine this one! The other reason being that the two others are very poorly documented yet famous, giving me the courage to look into it with more confidence than this one, knowing that almost anything about Antonia I will remember can be checked and the bubble can be burst easily.

I think the only person I can ever truly convince of this is myself, but even that would be awesome. Secondly, if I can match the memories (once I get there) to what is known of this… One thing that I feel belongs to this lifetime… I think Antonia liked to smoke opium. I think she’d walk into the parlor, and be accepted with no gender issues, and she would just… Be a guy. I feel as though I wrote for days on end, and then escaped into an opium smoke for hours or days, before getting back to my writing again. The one weakness I and most of my soulmates have is the proneness to drugs and alcohol, and one of the main goals for me in this lifetime has been to learn to keep the hell away from that stuff because I can’t handle it.

Anyway… I don’t even want to know what you think. 😀


Edit: 24.10.2016

I want to add this to the same post.

I was looking for a specific friend of mine among Carl Jung associates thinking that he might pop up somewhere. Instead, I found this bloke:


I trust I do not need to tell you who I think that is. His name, in that lifetime, however, was Hermann Rorschach. He’s the dude who started using ink blot tests to tap into the patient’s subconsciousness. This is actually not a Brad Pitt movie in which he plays Hermann Rorschach as I first thought, this is the actual Hermann Rorschach. Both Carl Jung and Hermann Rorschach were trained by the same guy into Freudian psychology.

Now, here’s where this gets interesting for me. He was married to a woman named Olga Stempelin, who looked instantly familiar to me, but who I tried to place into Hollywood… Nah. I used to go to school with her. Notice her chin? That is how she is, her chin is always a bit uplifted for that regal look.


I will leave the details for now as I haven’t looked further into it, but the clear resemblance between Rorschach and Pitt and the connection of two Freudian psychiatrists transforming to Hollywood actors, and the Antonia-me connection compared to Olga-her-current-name…. It’s just too cool not to mention.


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