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Ookay, Elon Musk is done with Heard… “too manipulative” and “too selfish”

Somebody knows how to look after his money...

Oh wow, so somebody finally did his homework.

Here are some facts for you, again:

  • Heard had a domestic violence complaint done against her by a former female partner.
  • She smuggled the dogs to Australia, not Depp – at least Australia only prosecuted her. (How Depp wound up on the apology video was most likely a favor on his part, no clear news is on that.)
  • Depp’s family members, namely his children and her mother didn’t like her but considered her manipulative.
  • Depp’s friends were calling her manipulative.
  • Her only public defendant, O’Tillet went only as far as to say: “People are rarely bad people…”
  • She didn’t bother to show up to her own deposition in the Depp domestic violence case for a total of 3 scheduled times and was finally pinned down the 4th seating, the case was settled the next day. (Why?)
  • After she got divorced from Depp, the movie company she worked for London Fields, sued her for deliberately sabotaging the movie.
  • Now, Elon Musk dumps her for being “too manipulative” and “too selfish”.

See a pattern, anyone?

Do you know what manipulative people tend to be reeeeally good at?

Making themselves look like the victim.

In the meanwhile in the drama department concerning Depp:

  • Depp files a law suit against his former managers who figured they could treat his money as recklessly as he did. People think being scammed is the fault of the victim.
  • Makes a gruesome joke about the most unpopular president in US history. The same one a whole heap of people wants to see dead. (Myself excluded, I, unbelievably, like the guy, but I can see their point.)
  • End Of File.

Who’s your next victim, Amber Heard? Please don’t come hunting in my neck of woods, because I swear I’ll gladly sit a 6-month jail sentence for the joy of throwing an iPhone in your general direction.


Just the thought of her being back in Australia makes me feel nauseous.


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