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Why Orlando Bloom gives you such an interesting vibe…

And you're not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing

Mr. Orlando Bloom is one of those guys who are simply irresistibly good looking. Not only that, he’s also seriously cute and good-humored, well-mannered with a kinky side, he’s everything that you’d want a dream guy to be, right? And yet, you don’t know whether you like him or not, do you? There is something about him, something you can’t put your finger on, that you find somehow… off-putting.

Here’s what it is: He knows he’s super duper cute, and he fears he has an unfair advantage compared to other people being that incredibly… cute. So when he reaches a point of intolerable cuteness, he starts to internally scold himself for being such a Über Babe and starts closing himself up rather than accepting all the love and adoration he’d otherwise receive in bucket loads.

His other problem is that he knows he’s that attractive that if he lets people see him for who he truly is, they’ll fall helplessly in love with him, and he knows he cannot return the feelings of everyone who would marry him on the spot… Twice. So he goes back into himself when the heat gets too high, and it gives us the feeling of a wave-like swell: in, out, come here, go away, in, out, here, not here…

That’s what super hot people tend to do sometimes. The combination of self-awareness (a required trait to be even closely able to pull this off) and the guilty feelings for vanity are on a crash course, and this happens. He is so self-aware that he doesn’t drop his awareness for an instant, at least not often – something very old souls who have spent lifetimes in deep contemplation and prayer all tend to have in common. This same past life experience also put the counterweight in motion: You’re supposed to be humble, vanity is a sin.

It is a great problem to have, but what anyone in similar shoes to his needs to do is to is to come to terms with the idea of receiving much more love than they will ever have the chance of returning. Speaking of which, let’s talk about Orlando’s love life for a moment, shall we?

Orlando Bloom’s Love Life

Okay, this dude, Orlando Bloom, is self-awareness super master, right? He KNOWS when he’s lying to himself. He KNOWS it. He is also a romantic who wants NOTHING more than to truly fall in love. So he dates all these beautiful women, trying to convince himself he’s finally in love, but women that come even close to his level of self-awareness (a required trait for a woman capable of capturing his attention) are few, far and between. And with all due respect to his exes… They don’t have it. They’re great girls, but not quite what is required to make him lose his cool. And love NEEDS to make a man lose his cool.

So… What happens is that he wants to believe he is IN LOVE. Deeply in love. At the same time, he knows he isn’t. He puts on a show of the perfect romance mainly for himself, to revel in the fantasy of experiencing the real thing. With all of his fame, he hasn’t been able to find a woman matching that level of awareness, and he’s afraid it’s his own fault… It isn’t, but men like him don’t blame the girls for it, and even if he did, what would he think? It is not THEIR fault he cannot fall in love with them fully, not ALL the way in like he wishes he could.

At the same time, he feels guilty for being SO GOOD at charming women. He knows he’s kind of leading them on a little, but he does it anyway because he WANTS THAT ROMANCE so much, and the real thing keeps on eluding him. He’s feeling ashamed for not finding it, too, as, I bet, he has been quite self-confident about his ability woo women when he was younger, a skill he knows he has but produces no results. Mortifying.

When I look at these pictures, I don’t see a smitten man, I see a man desperately looking for the reason why he isn’t in love with this girl yet. Everything is right on the surface, she’s a pretty girl, she’s cute, she’s witty, she’s everything she’s ought to be, but there is something missing and he cannot catch it.

I know the feeling all too well.

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