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Sexually willing females and the myth of their non-existence

The frustration of not being able to run the streets naked in order to get a proper root

I must tell you something, dear men. Sexually willing females are not a myth invented by the porn industry. We DO exist.

Here’s the dilemma: There are women who are deathly afraid of men and their “power”. These are the same women who insist men are threatened by “feminine power” and “strong women”. I believe they are projecting their own fear of male power and strong men. This fear has been turned into a culture, that, in every way, is designed to strip men of their power, and turn that power over to the ladies. All in the name of “protecting women”.

The fear of men has real roots

The fear stems from a real source, the assumption that people are by and large monogamous and heterosexual. Both of those statements are profoundly untrue. This causes the situation that women who like women are societally “forced” into sexual relationships with men, who they do not feel sexually attracted to. As he is unable to get satisfied by a woman who isn’t into sex with him, he gets frustrated. He is then likely to take that frustration on a woman who had no biological link to being attracted to this man. These women fear nothing more than having to submit to the sexual desires of a man, justifiably so. But we are not all like them.

Women are not all meant to bear children, either. In natural societies women are needed for other purposes, not just birthing babies, and the same is true for men fathering children. Although it is good for the species that a lot of people take part in the genetic contribution, there are men and women who were never intended to be a part of the breeding process, and they are woefully disinterested in sex to begin with.

The straight people cannot get enough of each other

Then, there are us heterosexual men and sexually willing straight women, who cannot get enough of each other. Currently everyone thinks we are running the show “over sexualizing everything” which is such utter bull, if we had our way, we’d root during business hours. However, we are NOT all alike. We HAVE TO start respecting the fact that we are not all alike. We ALL need to be able to dictate what happens to our bodies, whether it is a earth-shattering orgasm with 12 brutal men or the Dr. Phil variation of “women need a loving and caring environment…” *Vomit* (Love and care is great, after you’ve been fucked to the inch of your life and you’re barely breathing. THEN, loving and caring by those same men is awesome. One of these days, one of these days, right?)

Women who fear men do not speak for all of us… but they try

Okay… The women who fear men and their sexuality have made A LOT OF NOISE about how women don’t like man-sex, how they don’t dress for men but “themselves” or “other women” (being often closet lesbians), and that short skirts are not supposed to be taken as a sexual signal. However, for us straight girls… We don’t even know why we would dress up if it wasn’t for men.

We DO dress for men, and our short skirts ARE a sexual signal and an invitation of sexual attention. Our legs are bare to ignite the idea of them being wrapped around a guy later the same day. This is our form of self-expression, otherwise, we’d have to start using blunt, unsexy come-ons on men who do not appreciate it as dominant men need SOME subtlety in our actions. A complicated mating ritual that lesbian and mildly bisexual women wouldn’t have a clue about so I won’t get into that now.

When a straight girl goes to the gym, she doesn’t go there to be fit for her children or for the health reasons, she’s there to make her behind tight to a man’s touch, and to make that guy go mental over her waist to hip -ratio. We NEED sex just as much as men do. It is the reason we lose our will to live if we don’t get it, and we do not want any pretence about it either. We do not want men to “respect us” too much to fuck us properly, we want them to respect us enough to know we can take a good root… And a sexy beating.

I think women are smaller in frame because we love fear

My theory is, as a spiritual researcher, that women love being smaller than men because we love pain and fear more than men do. We LOVE to feel vulnerable and small in the hands of men. It would make sense that this is why we are smaller than men. I am not, by the way, which I’ve always hated, I feel like I grew bigger than I ought to have because I was protected by my mother. I wanted nothing more than to drive men wild, but with my physique, I don’t have all my cards in my pockets… Close, but not all.

I have one famous incarnation (well, a few but, this is the relevant one)… She was said to be small in frame and have breasts that needed no fillings inside her dress, and that is how I feel I should be, however… I’m derailing as per usual. This is to do with my frustration of being protected from my own lovers by women who do not understand what I love and want and why. (A voice in my head just said the same thing, another woman of my bend, truly beautiful, but taller and stronger than what she ought to be, and with a body just “off” enough to be a problem for her.)

Men fear having misinterpreted our flirtation

The men I know, ALL OF THEM, react to me funny. They kind of know what I am, instinctively, but the fear of misinterpretation is always there. Men feel they are telling themselves stories of a sexually willing female or that they are just “going man-mental” over a pretty girl or whatever. They cannot trust their instincts because they have been repeatedly told I don’t exist. I am not real. A sexually willing female is a myth.

Man-fearing women fear porn

In contrast, women with a fear of men feel that porn stars are giving men a false idea of what women want. They might be right, but only because porn is now femaled by women who love taking advantage of man’s weakness for women. Predominantly the stars on the screen are man-abusers who simply don’t care how they do it. Not all of them. Men know their girl when they see one, Pamela Anderson being one of those stars who LOVE men. Kim Kardashian is probably another woman who is surrounded by bisexual women but who is as straight as an arrow herself, although not a porn star… Strictly speaking, although she would probably thrive in that role.

I feel like the sexually willing females are even banned from porn for fucks’ sake. It’s like the only type are women who are more or less cold toward a man. There is a real air of disconnect on the films. What I want to feel is HEAT. Him OWNING her and her body. I am not entitled to that opinion though, because it supports male domination. It feels like whenever we try to give men a freaking break, all hell breaks lose!

Secretly bisexual women are baffled about straight women, and vice versa.

Secretly bisexual women tend to have an interesting love-hate relationship towards straight women. These women don’t know what is different about a truly straight woman. They don’t understand why “they, women are not enough” for them. They both admire, fear, and hate straight women, because they cannot get a hold on them. The reason being, that the straight girls don’t care about women or their opinion. What matters to them is what MEN think. Women’s compliments are… Well, nothing. They do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to a straight girl’s self confidence, because they simply do not count or guarantee happiness… Happiness which comes in the hands of a living, breathing, flesh and blood male.

When a straight girl says a man’s opinion matters more to her than a woman’s, these girls shudder. Why would we care about what men think? Why? Because they are the ones able giving us pleasure, women are there just to give us crap. We cannot entirely shut down one gender’s opinion as invalid, simply because YOU don’t care.

The straight women have felt compelled to help other women feel safe. We’ve also been afraid that men really do not love “easy women”. This is simply not true and it’s pure propaganda. These women have even made men believe they don’t love easy girls, or that they can’t trust easy girls. And now, they’ve scared the male off completely. They’ve made straight women ashamed of their own desire for men.

I was banned from a poly dating group yesterday

I answered someone’s question of what kind of relationship I’m looking for. What I said, half jokingly, was “I am a polyandrous sexually submissive female, which, in plain English means I want to be raped by a gang of brutal men and then marry them all.” I thought that is both descriptive and funny, but I used the taboo word, “rape”. The group leader first told me to revise my statement because I was putting myself in danger. I refused, I said it’s funny. It’s descriptive. Chill. My risk. She didn’t like that but banned me as the group “doesn’t support rape culture”. I’m like whatever, the story is well worth the ban. 😀

It functions as a perfect example of gagging females who do not fear men. Whatever we want to say to encourage female objectification, (which we love by the way, nothing gives you good chills like catching the guy you like copping an eyeful)… Whenever we voice an opinion that sounds good to men, we get gagged. “No freedom of speech or self-expression for you, young lady, you are not fit to speak for us women!” “But I am a woman!” “You are THE WRONG KIND of a woman! You don’t get a say!”

Freedom of speech doesn’t apply to the sexually willing females

We get gagged in all ways but the way we’d wish to be. If we want to dress sexy, as I mentioned, the man fearing women want men to ignore it and take it as “a freedom of wearing a short skirt without being sexually objectified”. Now, I want women who do not want to be sexually objectified control their own dressing, not ours. Men are men, and we are women. We should have the right to be sexually objectified if that turns us on.

We do not get to say we love to give sex to men. Women cannot state that we want to be fucked to the inch of our lives. We cannot say we want to satisfy HIS needs before our own, because, that is profoundly unfeminist. Yet, we expect men to feel like men while serving the needs of a female, subjecting them to the role of a human dildo. Men and women of our kind are limited to certain expressions and fantasies. Many of them don’t really work for us at all.

Men fully believe these women and their rhetoric

The countless of times that I’ve simply sighed and moved on to the next guy on Adult Friend Finder, because he begins his email: “I want to pleasure you… Your pleasure is more important to me than mine…” And I’m like no, honey, no. I can get there by my dildos while fantasising a guy who is something oh so very different to that… This, despite the fact my profile begins with: “I am a sexually submissive man-pleaser”. Granted that turns away all men who have a point to prove. Then again, I don’t want those men any more than the man fearers do.

Because these women are so loud, men believe that women who say they are sexually willing are either lying to tempt them or damaged somehow. We cannot, despite a mature age and full faculties, say that we want men to do to us what men used to do to women when they were still free to be men.

Savage to Savage, Lamb to Lamb

You all need to at least let us say enough to find each other, then, we’ll be out of your hair. We don’t need people like you, and you don’t need us, that’s fine. We only need to get along enough to be free to find our own kind and be happy being perverted together. You have to stop thinking as if sexually willing females don’t know what we are doing, because we do. NOBODY wants to hurt you – unless you hurt us by your idiotic views on sex and yourselves. You let us be, and we’ll let you be. All this time, we’ve tried to let you be, we’ve tried to play the game your way, but you’ve pushed us into a corner in which we can no longer take a piss without your permission.

I am BEYOND fed up with all of this.

We exist.

We are NOT a santa claus!


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