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Let’s talk about the shittest current “strong female character” “Madison Clark”

She embodies everything that is wrong with women and feminism in one show!

This has been a running trend in film lately, the bad female characters that are supposed to inspire respect of men, women, and children alike. The character Madison Clark is the worst of the lot. The trouble is, most women couldn’t even define the meaning of respect, let alone command it. As a woman, I am appalled at this portrayal of “respected females” who are nothing but narcissists and bullies. Madison Clark is the female equivalent of a man who thinks his gender is all that it takes to be respected.

Madison Clark and the Fear the Walking Dead

Madison Clarke is the leading character in AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead, a sibling series of the same network’s The Walking Dead, which is, in contrast, a BRILLIANT TV show, with amazing female characters, like Michonne. The character, Madison Clark, is the main character of the show. She is supposedly this respected female, even feared, a man’s woman, a strong warrior, but… It seems all of that is very much just in her own head. Her main tools of trade are a big mouth and a huge ego.

Madison’s entire character and credibility is built upon the fact she is a mother of two. That’s all. That’s all she has to say for herself. She gave birth, got a massive burst of hormones that made her a “momma bear”.  AMC would have us believe that somehow makes her different to every other mom just like her, fighting to protect her children. Somehow though, Madison thinks she’s special, and that because she’s got kids, men will automatically respect her, but not the other mothers around her. I think she thinks other women don’t quite get what it means to be a woman.

Madison Clark is actually a realistic view on a type of a woman

I know women like that. She is a very identifiable character, but this show is set in a situation where there is no law or order. Little culture left, no police, no political correctness to adhere to. People are in constant danger, and in need of a REAL hero. There is no external reason to respect a person apart from how they treat you and others. In the real zombie world, she would have been raped and killed in season one, justifiably so, for several reasons, and not one of them is that “men are afraid of strong women”. All of Madison’s power is based on people being too polite to call her bullshit, and that politeness happens around the writing table. I am certain she is mainly the person responsible for the writing of her own character. Otherwise, she would have fallen already.

All of Madison’s power is based on people being too polite to call her bullshit, and that politeness happens around the writing table. It seems like she is mainly the person responsible for the writing of her own character. Otherwise, she would have fallen already.

Young ladies, do not mimic Madison. That would be dangerous.

Respectable women exist, of course. Just that “Madison Clark” is not one of them.

I am not saying that men do not respect powerful women, or that men would be so power hungry they simply have to have the power over women, no. That’s how stupid, simplistic women think. People want a capable leader, someone skilled, strategic, someone with real values and ideals. Someone who is willing to risk their own life to protect other people.

They want someone, male or female, who sees themselves as their equal, not their superior, someone who doesn’t think he/she and his/her children are more important than others and their children because you cannot trust a person like that. In a pinch, she’ll double-cross everyone else, just to save her own family. Never trust a leader who puts their family over yours, and self-identifies solely as a mother or a father of one single family. Their loyalties are clearly defined, and unless you’re related… Mind you, that women like that would have their daughter’s husband or their son’s wife killed if they had to make that choice, as they are not blood-related.

The writing team in damage control

The writers wanted to make her more relatable by having the two children discuss her childhood, and her having been abused in the past, in private. I suspect this scene was filmed without Kim Dicken’s (the actress who plays Madison Clark) knowledge… Otherwise, I suspect she would have insisted it doesn’t fit her character.

They have also made her say “she’s done atrociousness things in the name of family” just to make it seem like she has some level of remorse about it. In reality, I think she is/would be completely proud of what she’s done so far. She THINKS she’s doing exactly what a great mother should be doing.

I suspect the writers have to have her killed while defending her children. This, in order to keep the momma bears happy and to give her haters the mild satisfaction of seeing her die, even though for full satisfaction, someone should make her pay for that big mouth of hers.

The makings of a Good Leader

A good leader sees their flock as their extended family. Madison gives lip service on this, like a typical lying cheating politician. She makes deals where Rick Grimes makes friends and inspires real trust. If she was a man, she wouldn’t get far, because the only thing she has going for her, is her own narcissism and a gun. She is not particularly ruthless to explain an asshole rising to power like Negan in the Walking Dead. Negan is willing to kill each and every person who he sees as a threat or a nuisance. That is how an asshole gains power.

The reality is, however, that there ARE people like Madison, and that there ARE people who would trust her, because they can see her motivations that she’s not shy to point out, either. Their trust, thus, is based on the fact they trust nobody, and Madison is easy to read – a leader until she is no longer useful. “You be the dumb one and take all the risks for as long as we benefit… Once you’ll become an issue, we’ll take your head.” To people like that, everyone is expendable.

Except for their own kids.

What’s wrong with Madison?

Madison pretends to be a friend, she assumes and expects people to respect her because of her maternal instinct, but in real life… She would be seen as someone who thinks so highly of herself that she’s a threat to the rest of the group simply due to an unrealistic self-image and an ability to stab people in the back if they go against her will. Rick Grimes would lose his entire fan base if he would do something as despicable as killing a family of their former friends just to inspire fear of the rival group, but with Madison, some people think she just did what she had to do… As a mother… Because being a mother justifies everything, including murdering a family that was not a threat to them, but more useful to her dead than alive. Mind you, one of the family members was her daughter’s friend.

It would be interesting to see how the male characters who WOULD support a woman like that would behave. I would be willing to bet, that she would function as a sexual slave to those men in return for their continued support (for as long as it is convenient for them).

Real life men would spit in her general direction rather than listen, trust, or respect her

I hate it how the men are made to act the respect for Madison, without giving the impression they are simply waiting for a chance to put an end to her miserable life. Madison Clark is the typical female who repeats gender quotas and demands the threshold to be lowered for her because she cannot get over it without help, yet claiming she’s equal to men.

Sure she’s ready to fire a gun and fight off a zombie, but she hasn’t done anything that a more respectful leader hasn’t done. While she’d be brave for a woman, she’s not braver than all men surrounding her, nor is she braver than other female characters in the show, including her daughter. There’s nothing wrong with Alicia, nor Nick, they’re both awesome characters, and, she is the more likely leader out of the two, Nick loves the sidelines and sneaking in the shadows to help matters along. His sister is more of the rally the troops and be awesome kind… Very much unlike the mother character. The true strong female character is the daughter.

The way Madison Clark is behaving, she’s risking turning her own children against her, her strongest allies. Instead of creating more friends than what she started out with, as would be smart in a zombie apocalypse. Currently, I watch the show mainly because I want to see her die.

What do men respect

Alicia is the perfect example of a woman that men actually DO respect. She makes no particular fuss about herself or her awesomeness, but she would do anything that a man would do without hesitation. She also wouldn’t make a fuss about that. She would think it’s the done thing, she doesn’t see herself as a female, she sees herself as a human being, not much to men. She also snuck out and risked her life to protect the man she loves, without busting his balls for it. If Madison would have done what she did, she wouldn’t have let Travis hear the freaking end of it and what an amazing female she is! Alicia is the true feminist hero of the show.

Men respect the same character traits in a woman, that women respect in men. Just reverse roles: is she (are you) still the kind of a person you’d respect in their shoes? There’s no “women must be like so to be respected” and “men have to be like so”, no. People of both genders are and should be respected by the same qualities in a gender equal society; wisdom, knowledge, higher values, abilities, skills, humility (realistic self-image, in other words), and helpfulness etc. Not for being a woman or for being a man, or for a person’s reproductive status. Of course, proud fathers and proud mothers should be allowed their joy and their pride, but that doesn’t make them a community hero, like so many of them think!

“If I just believe it, people will believe it!”

Madison Clark lives in a make-believe world (inside a make-believe world). She believes that by saying so, it is so. On TV, that happens. However, a truly strong female is also able to say when her strength is NOT equal to men, without losing face over it, or an ounce of their respect.

A leader who is able to say that his or her physique cannot cope with the required demand of a particular task, HAS TO be able to say someone else has to do it, not because she or he is a coward, but because they are a realist. If they die attempting something they are simply not capable of simply to prove themselves, they will endanger the operation. Egos cannot get in the way of an operation when lives are at stake. There is no “I’ll try to do it” if you already know you cannot lift up a car, but you know a guy behind you can.

Insisting that women are as capable as a man in everything is a lie

A fireman friend of mine once pointed out that because the women he serves with ARE weaker than the men, despite all the training, they are tying up more people to do the same task as it would take for a group of men to do. He was talking about the hoses, that are seriously heavy, and it takes more women to attach one than it takes men, simply due to the biological difference of being a female.

This means that the operation of preparing the hoses tie up more women to the task that men, so they are one man down elsewhere, where they are needed. He also pointed out that some of the women struggle to rescue a heavy, unconscious man out of the fire, but… Hell, as long as women get to pretend to be just as capable as men, right? If your ego is more important to you than another person’s life…

“Strong for a woman” is not the same as “equal to men”.

There are no “women are respected for” rules

The rules are the same for both genders. A man who keeps emphasizing his mannes and how he’s got a dick to kneel in front of is not going to be any more respected, in the real life, as a woman who emphasizes having a uterus. NOBODY respects a gender or reproductive status alone, you have to have SOMETHING going for you in addition to that.

Regardless, Madison Clark’s way of thinking is not unheard of, quite the opposite, hence the entire character. When a person is blind to all true virtues in a human being, the only thing they see is a gender or wealth or some other superficial difference between people. If we want a gender equal world, we must learn to value people by their true abilities, not by their gender. And still, people have trouble accepting that people are not all equally skilled and able and that somehow, they have to make themselves believe that they are just as good as another person (they know).

What has Madison done that is so special?

Ask yourself that the next time you’re about to buy a madison’s bullshit.


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