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“I take no shit from him” and what it does to your relationships

What are you after, a war zone or a love affair?

We all know those women. They proudly declare they take no shit from their men, and deliberately pick a fight day in, day out. They view relationships as a power struggle, SOMEONE has to be in charge, and that someone will not be anyone but them.

They will also take no shit from their children.

I know because I am a daughter of such a female.

Peace lovers with one of these… people.

When a person “submits” when yelled at, one would make a mistake to assume they are weak or now subservient. They are not, they are simply trying to signal that they are not the enemy here. “Look, LOOK, fuck, look! I am not fighting you! You have no reason to scream at me over this! Look! Rational people over here, right under your fucking nose!” They are not the weak one, they are the one NOT AFRAID of people. They are the ones who figure it’s safe to NOT bite back.

But even they have their breaking point when trying to keep the peace is simply not working out for them.

They’ll start shouting back, and the normal screamer thinks they are now either “warming up”, “relaxing”, or “trying to take control”… When, in fact, they are more likely trying to get the hell out of the relationship after losing all their respect for their partner… Or parent.

What the peace lover wants to see when they no longer take shit

They expect you to behave the way they would. If they scream at you loud enough, you should have the good sense to signal to them that YOU are not the enemy. If you are, what the fuck are you doing under the same roof anyway? Friends relax around each other. Enemies fight. Life is simple.

The peace lover’s idea is that if you cannot get along with people, then you’d better of not being around people, right? Nothing STOPS you from leaving, so leave. If you don’t like the way things are done here, go away. If you wish to remain in this relationship, CALM THE FUCK DOWN!

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