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Terror attack in Turku, Finland

And the moron who expected to be given 72 virgins for a reward should he be gunned down

I am Finnish, as you may have gathered by now, and whatever happens back in the old country kinda feels worse than what is logical, I guess. I didn’t have the strength to gasp at the events in Barcelona, namely, I said: “So what if I get scared, sad, or worried, what difference does that make? None. None whatsoever. They can strike anywhere at any time, there is no point worrying about it until it happens.” 2 days later I hear there has been an attack in Turku.

It happened on Friday, but I only heard of it late Saturday evening.

There’s no point saying this affects the families of those killed, and that there’s a major sadness across the country. These Muslim terrorists are not doing it to be nice and to make us feel fantastic about being noticed, are they? So this is not like it’s error in judgment: “oh we didn’t KNOW this would feel bad…!” Of course not. We do not need to inform them people are suffering as a result, that is what they WANT TO hear. That is what they rejoice; the pain of the western people. The ones who are tempting their chastity with lurid imagery and sexual innuendo, all the while they, themselves, wank to the holy Quran texts thinking there’ll be 72 voluptuous virgins with soaking wet cunts to fuck whenever the heart of a devout Muslim man so desires. (No I’m not making this shit up.)

They put the most moronic of Muslim men up to the task of a suicide bombing or another sort of risky attack. You know the ones who look like they’d forget to suck in their spit if they weren’t reminded to do it, that level moronic? A few with a lazy eye and other features that make their mom and dad think… “He’s never going to get married otherwise. We’d better give him to the cause so he can get married to the 72 virgins and live a happy death.” “[The Prophet said] the lowest rank of an inmate of Paradise will have eighty thousand servants and seventy-two wives.”[38]  And if these men are not the lowest rank, I don’t know who he could have possibly referred to.

So. In conclusion, I’ll remind you all that we are dealing with a bunch of teenage wankers who take the promises of the Quran seriously, and are motivated by nothing but a dick in their hands, riled up to it by manipulative spiritual teachers who read the text with the eyes of Satan himself.

And to anyone who wants to criticise my tone here… Fuck you. Fuck you sideways. These twats are going around killing people at random, and we’re here being PC going: “Oh don’t say anything mean about them, you might offend some of the good Muslims!” The good Muslims had nothing to do with this shit. THEY are not the ones doing this. The ones doing this do not deserve respect on the grounds of sharing the basis of a religion with actually respectable people, and these first-grade scum suckers do not need to be lumped together with the respectable men and women who are also Muslim, or rather, the respectable people do not need to be likened to these people enough to justify an apology on their behalf. NOTHING to do with them. It is the biggest form of bigotry and idiocy to even contemplate the possibility that actual, authentic men and women of the Islamic faith should be treated as if they were a part of the same mass here. So having said that… Let me just say that if I choose to attack these vile creatures with the might of my keyboard instead of gathering up a band of white men covered in white sheets as they’d probably deserve, I call that politically correct and civilized as hell.

By the way, one of the victims slashed during the attacks looks very much a Muslim… He went in to stop things, and he obviously is a hero by all standards possible. And going “hush” because he might be offended… An insult to him much more than saying something. The connection shouldn’t even be made, but it always is. To add to the heart-wrench a little more, the hero, Hasan Alazawii, was on his way to buy flowers for his company. To buy flowers. Is there anything more symbolic to the love of peace than that? I also find it irritating that I have to point out that there was this good Muslim around just to make a point that I am not a bigot even though I’ve noticed that there has been a bit of a pattern of random killings done by some people who call themselves Muslim…

And no. I don’t fear Muslims. I can take one look into the eyes of any person and tell what they are like, although there’s one person in the Muslim terrorist list that I wonder what does a poet and an artist do side by side with the terrorist, but there’s always a reason… Unfortunately. In some of the terrorists, I see a good kid in the worst company. But that’s just the thing. These boys are suggestible. Therefore, we need to start giving them an alternate suggestion:

We know you’re perverts.


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Allan Furlong

“Let me just say that if I choose to attack ….my keyboard instead of gathering up …I call that politically correct and civilized as hell”. Agreed.
I am a man of Faith but these uneducated, ignorant, evil, religious fanatics are as far away from faith as could be possible. I share your outrage and despair.



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