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The Boat that Rocked

The movie is already gone and shown, but so are the times it described so in a way it doesn’t matter the movie came out in 2009 already. It was one of those movies, alongside American Graffiti 1973, that just tugs me by the heart strings and whispers in my ear: “You missed all of it.” The rebellion, the mayhem, the sex! By the time I got onto rock, the rock stars had been tamed, their mouths had been washed with soap and they were completely parlor trained. (The standard hotel room trashing just for the tabloids, maybe? A few bottles of rum sank with friends behind the closed doors, to not anger The Big Brother or Disney?) They’re now invited to meet presidents and awarded with Honorary Doctorates of Philosophy in some countries. They’re household names, but the part that I missed out on was the part where rock n’ roll was about rebellion, changing the way people think, opening minds and fighting obstruction. What do they do now? Fuck all. Vail about a girl they are too shy to talk to. Bah! Is it even fair to call them rock stars? Fuck, the last of true rock stars are going to die with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and Iggy Pop and even they have had to give in a little just to get by. (I’m sure I forgot to mention some greats, but fuck the Beatless, didn’t forget.)

A rock star, the world has killed every last of them, apart from Howard Stern that is still carrying the flag although he probably hasn’t played a note in his life, is a dying breed of brave men who shake the boat and narrow-mindedness, while having fun doing it. Russell Brand had a good rock star vibe going and then he became a fucking preacher and although I love him and the contents of his tight pants, I am disappointed in him following New Age bullshit like a trained dog in leash. At this rate, he’ll marry another bird, cuts off his balls and swears of sex completely, apart from promising to finger his new wife periodically to keep her happy. “Ommm, fucking ommm”.

Is there anyone left who dares to say FUCK on television and cause an interruption to the service? Can anyone throw up the finger at the political correctness movement that aims to silence everyone who is ever going to call it as it is? I mean, has anyone ever turned more attractive or desirable just because people stopped calling them fat? Every time I see a fatty walk past, I go “wobble wobble wobble” in my mind. It’s still legal to think silently in one’s mind, but what good is it, really, if you can’t say it out loud? Thank God they haven’t overturned freedom of speech yet, but they’re making a pretty fucking good attempt at giving enough incentive to hold your tongue and, while at it, stop thinking, too.

And don’t we all think everything in our culture is just peachy now? Everyone can love anyone they like as long as they do it in the right state and remain monogamous and everyone can say what they like as long as they don’t insult anyone, which pretty much leaves us with “Good day” and “thank you”. Everyone can have as many children as they like as long as the number is between two and three, and everyone is entitled to their opinion as long as they keep it to themselves. We protect the weak and suffocate the strong, and we have made the weak run the show. In our current way of living, it is okay to be weak and stupid, but fuck you if you know your own worth. And don’t you fucking dare raise your standards on anything! We have been thoroughly trained to be meek and contented, and believe that we live in a free world that values individualism.

What an utter load of crock.

What good was it in the end..? The rebellion? Now it’s the same people laying down the law on the younger generations. What did you learn in the end? And what did my generation do? Why haven’t we rebelled yet? All we did was turn our clothes inside out and called it a day.

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