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Topless Waitresses – I find it frustrating feminists see it fit to protect me from myself

Us perverts need a permission to express our sexuality freely (within reason)

I again saw red when I read the heading of a post on ABC News, about “the battle against topless waitresses”. However, I must say this was an unusually well backed up opinion on the matter, so my objection was thawed a bit. If topless bars and restaurants cause increased harassment in the clubs and businesses and streets right next to the topless place, that’s not cool, albeit understandable. Sexually hungry men are sexually frustrated, and so are we, their female counterparts.

Women must choose for themselves

We MUST call for women’s own responsibility in choosing their professions and deciding for themselves what kind of jobs they can and cannot handle. The old saying goes: If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

It is disrespectful of women to claim they don’t know their own mind, it is a very anti-feminist approach to believe that women who choose differently to you do it not knowing what they are getting into. It is also anti-feminist to claim that we shouldn’t expect women to know any better. The stereotype that NO woman would ever do this voluntarily doesn’t help. Some women feel they HAVE TO be subjected to sexual attention because someone has to do it, and NOBODY really likes it, while that is simply NOT TRUE. Some women make themselves the victim, while another woman lets them have the attention that they so deeply wanted for themselves. Both sacrifice, neither needed to!

The true calling, a sex worker

In the meanwhile, us who do love the idea of working in sexually objectifying roles or sex businesses, feel guilty for wanting to do that. Like there’s something wrong with feeling pleasure at the thought. I have fought my urge to get into stripping, porn, or prostitution my WHOLE life. I still am.

The thought of serving men topless has always aroused me, along with many other similar scenarios. There is nothing degrading about the idea to me, and if anything, it feels liberating and empowering… and, as I said, seriously hot. However, I know what unwanted sexual attention feels like – I mainly suffer that from women, as I am not sexually interested in women. Also, when I was younger, I felt like I should somehow be in control of which men should find me sexually attractive and which should know better than to feel things for me – a very egotistical perspective from someone who LOVES receiving sexual attention from men.

In general, all people are being made guilty for having feelings, and also for not having the right ones. In reality, feelings are a reaction to things, not something you choose to have or give. Like: You see something beautiful and you feel pleasure. You see something bland and you feel nothing. Not, you should feel pleasure for looking at something bland or should feel nothing when looking at something beautiful.

Controlling my sexual expression must stop

I freely admit I am a kind of a pervert. The biggest disservice I’ve gotten from feminism is making men feel guilty for having normal feelings towards a woman, myself included. I NEED men to go mental over me, this is something that makes life worth living for me. My will to live dies when I’m not allowed to feel that rush of men’s attention. I don’t need women to tell me what I will and will not enjoy with my men and from strangers on the street.

What is FAR worse than this, by about a million miles, is that men are SHAMED for loving a woman like me. It was said already in Gone With The Wind: “Men flirt with women like that, but they don’t MARRY them!” It hurt, because already at a young age, I knew I would be Scarlett.

Don’t enjoy sex, it’s wrong

Men are forbidden from encouraging sexual behavior from women, and they are forbidden from fully enjoying a woman anymore. You have no idea how much trouble I have to go through to make the biggest perverts in the world (who are often highly intelligent men who have suppressed all their sexual urges out of shame) feel comfortable ejaculating because they associate ejaculation with disrespect, and men tend to respect me. They also feel like they are bad men for having sexual feelings, and a great majority of them cannot love and fuck the same woman.

You have made men feel ashamed of themselves, their bodies, and their natural sexuality. Well done, thank you.

Our perversions should not disturb your sense of security

Men keep saying that having prostitutes would result into fewer rapes, but even I am not dumb enough to believe that. Rapes are about something completely different, (and it’s near impossible for a sub to make a man take her roughly because damned, she won’t put up a fight!) However, I do believe that lifting the stereotypes on highly sexual females would help a lot. If men knew sexually willing females is not a myth, maybe they wouldn’t feel like they HAVE TO attack a woman in order to get some. You also need to stop perpetuating the myth that sex workers are always victims and that women who love sex with men are emotionally broken!! People need to know it’s a choice – just like having a family is. (*Intercepting with another pet peeve of mine.*)

Bad boys belong to bad girls

I don’t wish to say women need to subject themselves to men and their sexual perversions. I am saying that let us girls who like dominant, sexual men, do it. Us bad girls would be more than happy to take those lewd bastards off your hands, including the men who have been oppressed to the point of a trained dog… You know you can teach a dog to be ashamed of his sexuality, do you? Imagine how effective that is on an intelligent man!

I hate what you are doing to our men, and I want them back. You don’t want them, so let us have them. Let us make them happy. We’ll take them off the market and make it easier for you to locate the men who are not overtly sexual or whose sexuality is more akin to yours. Those men also exist. I tend to be a freaking magnet for them, those who think “respecting me” means not fucking me… Nah, respecting me is to know I can handle a big cock!



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