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We need to put an end to the “well I still want you so you’re okay” thinking

Angelina Jolie "might" still feel passion for Brad Pitt so he should forgive her for the gone year? Fuck you all.

So there’s the silver lining! The Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie, the Mother of All Mothers might not be completely turned cold on her ex who she feels has been abusive to her children who are now “recovering from life” (with Pitt?) So people think – I’m not claiming Jolie is one of these people, but time will tell – that if Angelina wants Brad back, he should be thankful, right?

Angelina claims and consequently causes a fucking FBI investigation on her husband for being abusive with his children, and goes on to insinuate something to the effect that life with Pitt has been such a hellish ordeal for the lot of them that she cries in the shower so the kids won’t see… But not hellish enough for her to consider taking him back – as some sources claim.

So at least Pitt has had to make a comment on how he feels about getting back with Angelina, directly or through to his lawyers, I cannot quite work out if that part is true at all, but it sounds legit that he would say he’s not considering a reconciliation because of the allegations that Jolie made about him of which he was later cleared by the FBI. And I think we can trust FBI over Jolie, one would hope so anyway. So he probably lost his cool in the plane for a while and do what dads have always done; exercised discipline. In some flower hat/snowflake view, of course, that might have seemed “abusive” but something that every normal parent would do from time to time… So to make that into a freaking huge deal, sounds to me like a very reasonable deal breaker.

Also, something tells me Pitt’s “drinking” has completely been blown out of proportion. I have no way of knowing whether this is true or not, but I’m thinking there was a bit more teetotaller vs. an occasional drinker conflict here; “I won’t love you unless you give up drinking for good because I’ll tell everyone you’re an alcoholic… A MEAN alcoholic that abuses his children while drunk…” Oh, fuck that. Amber Heard all over again, but at least Jolie has the reason of protecting the children, who might be the reason for Pitt to return to her… There are six kids involved, a bunch of them adopted, and I don’t know about you, but leaving one’s own kids for a divorce is sort of understandable, but when you adopt children from someone else, it kind of doubles your responsibility because they are not your blood and you just put your hand up and said “yeah I’ll be a good parent for them! I’ll do right by them!” A biological parent is whatever they are, but an adoptive parent should be fail proof almost, or that’s how I feel about it, at least.

So what would be the right thing to do? If Pitt goes back he teaches his children it is the duty of a man to take it up the tail pipe so to speak, and that women hold all the power in the relationship. If he doesn’t go back… Well. At least there’s a possibility of a good outcome there where the children learn some common sense and respect for their future partner.

But this type of thinking that the girl/woman/wife still loves the guy after all “the awful” things he’s done has got to stop. It’s abusive towards men who have no rights or voice to defend themselves with against the whims of a woman.

Another aspect of this kind of thinking is that when someone does something that their partner/friend/parent etc disapproves of, they get angry at the offender for “having ruined your chances to be loved by me!” Their anger comes out of the frustration that their partner has been so stupid as to have failed to do the best thing by themselves and adhere to the rules of their partner/friend/parent. To them it is perfectly logical to think that “I am what is good for you, and if you don’t adhere to my rules, you’ve ruined YOUR life for not being able to be with me and that’s awful for you and I’m so angry with you for having done that to yourself! How can you possibly live now that I no longer love you…” and in the meanwhile, their partner/friend/child is like… “the fuck are you thinking, my decisions never had anything to do with you because you don’t get a say in this matter… And I don’t really care what you think of me… Never have, never will, so what the?!”

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