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With all the famous suicides of late, I hope this brings some consolation…

I do not wish to trivialize... Not for a second, but...

One day, I will be able to explain this to you in a greater detail, but… Trust me on something, please. The suicide string that has been going on for TOO long, and early deaths to boot… There is a pattern to it that, to me, means these guys had a plan in spirit. I cannot tell you much, but not one of them has been from a certain “First Wave” group that I know about in spirit, which would freak me out because that would break the pattern. Chris Cornell was the closest call, but still, he was not specifically ‘ear marked’ for something that I know about, but he probably would have if he had stuck around for a little longer. Those without the “ear mark”, TRUST ME, are planning on something bigger still, the “Second Wave”. Each wave will be bigger and more exciting than the previous, and as these recently passed are coming (back) behind us, you can already expect to see something incredible coming with them once they reincarnate, so that’ll be 20 to 40 years from now or even earlier. TRUST ME. They’ll have a teen age wilder than the Baby Boomers!

The First Wave will clear out the way for the Second Wave and the Third, and the Fourth. I DO NOT KNOW what they are planning, but I KNOW they’ll come up with something freaking incredible, and the reason why I do not know it, is because it’s THEIR PLAN. Their surprise on the Earth. Their thing, their work of art. Their FANTASTIC! And I am SO SUPER EXCITED to know we have not yet “lost” one of the First Wave, so I am growing in trust, not in despair, and I hope to God I am not now jinxing it saying it out loud. If we lose one, we’ll all go, and you’ll see another huge range of deaths following, it’ll be all of us or none of us… There was already a couple of men who went that made us all consider throwing in the towel for now going after them… Because they were DEEPLY LOVED.

I am now going to make a public plea for those still with us… Don’t hurry on yet. Just ride this storm out and see what happens in say… 5 to 10 years. You’ll still have time to join the Second Wave if things don’t look fun for you, OK? No matter if you’re nearing 70 now. At 90, you can go. 😀 Stick around, stick around. It’ll be worth it – there’s something to be said about The First Wave Thirst… The first is always the first. 😉 If you don’t feel it’s happening, despair not, it will. It’ll take a little while longer, but it will happen. I can feel it in my bones, old desperate men, and largely ripening ladies. 😉

But the Second Wavers are going to do something brilliant, I know. Prince is there, Bowie is there, I already know what Robin Williams might be planning in his turn and with whom. We’ll make sure that they’ll have a MASSIVE wave to ride in our wake.

I am hoping for a couple of walk-in’s to occur, though. You don’t have to know what it means. 😉

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