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Personal Coaching for the VIC’s

Open-minded, select clients welcome

Openminded, exclusive clients

Very Important Celebrity Clients

I have decided, somewhat stupidly, to only offer personal coaching to celebrity clientele only. That’s simply the way I want to do this.

I am looking for people with authentic talent, high IQ, people who have no issues with the reality of things. I want to work with people who I can level with. I do not intend to blow smoke up the ass of someone who someone might have once heard of, but at the same time, there are plenty of people I’d love to work with who are doing hard work behind the scenes getting praised by their colleagues and peers rather than the public moronity.

I am handling

  • Authentic sexuality and true love relationships. Clients must understand we will be probing DEEP, and we will not whitewash things.
  • The sexuality of your true spirit. (Past lives sometimes offer valuable clues.)
  • Remember that the yin and yang symbol features the dark half for a reason. We will be exploring it fearlessly and honestly.
  • Dealing with fans, public image, managers, talents, and people with no respect for talent or intelligence authentically from your soul.
  • Clearing negative energy attached to you by fans, bad managers, partners, etc.
  • Clearing way to true love (fans are often blocking it with sheer love).
  • Finding unused potential still lingering.
  • Restoring life energy and will to live.
  • Accepting and connecting with all emotions, including negative emotions about other people.
  • Deep, continual study into one’s self. Requires time. Truly committed clients only. A complete commitment required.
  • Tarot readings included.
  • Customized coaching plans.

You Must Already be

  • You must be very comfortable and used to self-reflection and “looking into the mirror”. I will guide you further down that path than you thought possible.
  • Fearless about who you are and being honest about your flaws.
  • I will not be taking on people who need someone to hold their hand through life’s ordeals. I am looking for clients who need to push further and who are not afraid of challenging themselves to do more and to be more.
  • You must feel like you are an independently thinking person and wish to remain that way. I do not want people who are willing to replace their own way of thinking with mine without mulling it over. You need to wish to become more authentically you. If you do not understand what I mean by this, you are not ready to take my coaching.
  • You must be curious about yourself, who you are, and how you fit into this world.
  • Feeling lost and stuck or like you are stuck in a pattern or in someone else’s world and rules is what we will be working on along with making you know yourself better.
  • You must be tempted to do this. I don’t want you to feel like you should or that you must do this, but I want you to be tempted to.

I will be in it, too

I chose that photo on purpose. I will not be one of those coaches that sit behind a desk looking at you judgmentally. I will be putting myself on the line, too. We will know each other very, very well after this, and you will know yourself better than ever. You will also be teaching me more about myself, but I will still charge you. 😉

This will most likely create a soulmate bond that will last several lifetimes. This is why I won’t take on just anybody. If and when I accept you, I do it knowing I will know you forever. You will have to make the same consideration regarding me. Some psychic sensing recommended. 😉

Apply directly to me

I will not work with you unless I feel a certain connection to you. This is because we will be exploring things that are very personal, and I will also put myself on the line. This means I need to feel safe with you as much as you need to feel safe with me.

I will not give you details on how I choose my clients, and I also cannot disclose my rate at this time. Be prepared to pay up, that’s all I can say. I may also decide to leave the payment up to you, depending on the client. I will be following my spirit every step of the way, I expect you to learn to do the same.

Let’s talk first

Please see this as an opportunity to start a conversation about forming a coaching relationship. Emailing me doesn’t yet mean a commitment to take on the challenge, but I’ll take you on only after we fully understand each other on what we are about to get into.

Please be adviced that I don’t reject applications to appear superior to you or to make you run after me like a stupid donkey chasing a carrot. I will reject some applications, but not because I want to make a statement or to build an illusion of a person who would reject important people. I actually will. However, I won’t be nasty about it, but I do expect you to take a rejection and not bitch and whine about it to me later. I’m not playing cat and mouse, trust me.

Also, be adviced that I have no chip on my shoulder about the cream of the A-list people as a rule. I won’t be acting all superior in my bid to show you to your place. I do not have an inferiority complex to cure at your expense. I will reject some clients simply because I feel we’re not a good fit spiritually, philosophically, or as personalities (if I don’t like you I don’t like you), but I won’t give you a run around just for the sport of it.

Contact me

I will be sending a reply from domain, please whitelist and flag it important to keep it separated from other emails. (Formatting it as * will pass all email from my personal domain through.)

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