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Love is a sacrifice vs. Love is a bliss

The contradiction of values and how to solve it.

Sometimes even True Spirit Mirrors hold a different value in this area. One of them feels he or she needs to sacrifice something for his or her partner, and the other feels they want to give that person everything they want, and also receive everything they want from that person – they want love that […]

How to bag a bloke for a one-night stand in style

Things every young woman should know but no mom will ever tell you

Here are a few tips from a veteran boy’s toy to all of you young ladies who have been raised to think men are excited just to see a girl getting naked. There are men, and then there are gentlemen. While one might not care, both will appreciate these things. There are certain things you […]

The elephant in a dark room (Would you believe I hate complaining?)

Too big for words

Have you ever had the problem that you feel like nobody really knows you because there’s so much more to you than what you can expect any new person in your life to be interested in hearing? I wouldn’t be surprised if that was more than a common feeling for the great majority of people, […]

The importance of communication, why cold is not necessarily cold

When you cannot show your feelings, a few words is a must...

The player. Envision, please. Can you see him? He blocks his emotions away from others because he is too sensitive to everything around him. He plays because he needs love so much, or has convinced himself that his romanticism is wasted and that it would be difficult to find a girl who’d actually love him […]

I am afraid of showing people what I am

Because I fear they'd love me even more than they already do

OK, this sounds a bit weird considering I barely have friends at this stage (my spirit guides say it is to teach me not to push people away because I would wind up alone, which is funny because I’ve been pushing them away so they’d leave me alone but they refuse to leave my side […]

Something Solid Thinkers might have a blind spot on in their relationships… (RARE!)

Exciting, isn't it? Go on, click on it!

What Solid Thinkers and Fluid Thinkers are looking for in a relationship is very different, but what Solid Thinkers have often given up on is the “childishness” of this wish of theirs, and they keep ignoring it thinking “it shouldn’t matter” because it doesn’t matter to a Fluid Thinker, and it maybe difficult for them […]

My ego, my idea of myself, and how your idea of my ego influences it

And a scrap booker, Barbie hobbyist, AFL fan, a little bit of a photographer, selfie-lover, and other things you didn't know

Ego, the identity, “I”; one’s idea of oneself is also influenced by what others think about you, or what others think they know about you; When my psychic connections to Everyone opened up, I noticed something very weird. My love for some of the things that I loved like mad before died out. My love […]

I always wanted to date an orphan

Although I once was in a long (in my books) relationship with a guy whose mom I loved so much I was half thinking of staying because his mom was so cool, but for the most part… I wish families weren’t there. Considering how my family is with me, I find it VERY HARD to […]

As The Idols Get Older, So Do Their Fans

The older fans maybe fewer but they've got more money

The pressure to stay young is always there. To reach younger and younger audiences and to “remain relevant”. Although reaching new audiences is a good thing, there should, probably, be an emphasis of re-awakening the old fans, that got “too old” for being other people’s fans at some stage. The thing is; idealists love to idolize […]


You beautiful...

Some of you might have been playing with her. You might know exactly how exquisite her accessories were, how delicate and well-made and durable at the same time.  The first Barbie was introduced at the toy fare in 1959, as a type of a 3D paper doll. Her creator, a toy manufacturer Ruth Handler observed […]


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