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What does your thinker type say about you?

I want to point out that these types are not written into stone, they MAY change upon meeting new people. An Extroverted Committed Lover is a person who thinks love and relationships are a pretty practical thing, really, and it should be handled with a level of sensibility rather than sentimentality. They wish to make […]

Being loved for who you are

How different thinker types feel about it

This is a Tailored Post. [membership level=”1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15″] What creates unity A Solid Thinker wants to be a part of a group and being loved for being in it just as much as a Fluid Thinker, but the reason they want to be included for is very different. A Fluid Thinker wants to belong into whatever […]

Breaking up with a Fluid Thinker: “I am unhappy. :((“

Not "I am not happy" that is not seriouss enough.

A Fluid Thinker doesn’t expect to be happy in life. They expect to be safe and sound, but they are not counting on being happy, and they can live with not being happy. A Solid Thinker, on the other hand, wants happiness, and they will spend a lifetime longing for happiness, or in the pursuit […]

Confession of infidelity: a sign of trust or a breakup attempt?

Again one major difference between a Fluid Thinker and a Solid Thinker

When a Solid Thinker talks about their private life, they do not mean it is a specific sign of trust, more to the point, if they do not, that is a severe sign of mistrust. This often drives Solid Thinkers and Fluid Thinkers together, because the Fluid Thinker believes that the Solid Thinker confesses all […]

Your Ultimate Soulmate Relationship

If you haven’t chosen your exact group yet, I urge you to that you do that before reading (and reloading) this page, because I will be describing the ideal relationship type of each personality type and it’s going to be amazing with the group selections done correctly! Then again, if you are still unsure, what’s […]

How we conform, and to what we conform?

Although we feel there are “non-conformists” in this world, the phrase is not exactly right. We all conform to some standard or expectation, and our thinker type determines what we conform to and for what reason. What is the motivation each one of us has for conforming. [membership level=”1″] As you have chosen the “hide […]

Gifts and Favors by Fluid and Solid Thinking

Solid Thinkers can just keep walking into these traps...

Yesterday, I reached out to a friend of mine who I haven’t spoken to in 25 years. I found an exciting incarnation of hers¬†and wanted to tell her how cool that was. On the spirit level, we had been communicating for years now, and although she has never been on the top of my mind, […]

Reasons for disappearing into thin air

Currently, I feel like disappearing from a developing (or should I call it tarred) state True Spirit Mirror, who disappeared from me a year ago only to make a casual reappearance¬†six months later. I feel like I want to take the relationship to the next level – whatever next level that is – perhaps like… […]

The break from a Fluid Thinker to a Solid Thinker

High achieving Fluid Thinker, and the point where it becomes too easy

Across lifetimes, we tend to do the same thing over and over until we ace it. Once we become the best we can be at a certain craft, and in Fluid Thinking world, for women, that is being a mother and a wife, and then, a successful business woman on the side, after you do […]

The elephant in a dark room (Would you believe I hate complaining?)

Too big for words

Have you ever had the problem that you feel like nobody really knows you because there’s so much more to you than what you can expect any new person in your life to be interested in hearing? I wouldn’t be surprised if that was more than a common feeling for the great majority of people, […]


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