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The real celebrity soulmate that actually loves you back

And why soulmates are not easy for anyone

As a soulmate researcher and teacher, I have had the pleasure of talking to a lot of women who have found their actual soulmate to be among the rich and the famous; a real celebrity soulmate rather than one of those quiz-type celebrity soulmates. It is an incredible thing to experience¬†and to describe it, I […]

Everyone with their arms elbow deep in your pockets

How to deal with relationships when everyone has an angle?

Celebrities are not really human. That is about the extent of thought most people put into their attitude towards someone famous. Because they feel this way about celebrities, the problems of celebrities become a matter of a dollar value. People around celebrities can easily view them as somewhat of a bundle of problems that aren’t […]

Is it possible to cheat on someone who you really truly love?

Be gone black and white world!

Most people believe that it is impossible for a person to be in love with more than one person at a time and also that it is impossible to cheat on someone who you are truly in love with… Both statements are not true. It is true, though, that you can GENUINELY lose someone by […]

Men should feel OK about breaking up due to sexual incompatibility, too

Do I have to settle for love on life support?

Sex is a natural part of a love relationship. In fact, sex is the only thing that turns a friendship into a romantic relationship. THE ONLY THING. If there is no sex in a relationship, it means it is a partnership of some kind, at best, a friendship. Therefore, breaking up a relationship on the […]

What a spiritual teacher recommends for celebrity love life

Every girl in the mass of fans are all in tears for their love for you screaming your name. Their emotions are running high and the energy could be cut with a knife. Every second Twitter message says the same thing: I love you, I love you, I love you! Don’t worry, this is not […]

How Good People Wind Up In Abusive Relationships

And the difficulty of pointing a finger at the right person

I will start off a bit far, just to make more sense in the end, and the beginning of this post will sound like I don’t really understand what abuse really is, but it should become clear towards the end. The number one reason why people feel abused in a relationship (as opposed to actually […]

Why I use the term “polygamy” over “polyamory”?

Despite the connotation to traditional religious polygamy...

Although I am aware that polyamorists prefer the term polyamory over the terms polygamy, polyandry, or polygyny, I prefer to use those three terms whenever I discuss a specific type of a poly-union. In my texts, I also often refer to “natural” so and so, to point out that I believe that the ideal relationship […]

Moving masses; convince the Solid Thinkers, distract the Fluid

Once you get Solid Thinkers convinced, the Fluid Thinkers must follow

Here is the premise: First; The Fluid Thinkers want everyone to agree on everything. EVERYONE must agree on EVERYTHING. That is the basic idea the Fluid Thinkers live by. We must, for instance, agree that not everyone thinks correctly, but we all must try to make them think correctly. Second; The Solid Thinkers want to […]

Why Are People So Suspicious?

What are they afraid of...

In this article, I’ll be using terminology that will repeat on this blog over and over if you stick around. In the long term, it will make my posts much easier to read, but in the short term, it can sound a bit weird. The Bear With Me! The Fluid Thinkers can get pretty suspicious […]

“Jeeves And Wooster” still gets me every time. :D

The Finest of Brittish Comedy - Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie

This is one of those TV shows that if you mention it to someone outside of Europe, the likelihood that they’ve seen it is slim. Still, the first five minutes of the show is enough to turn me into a crazy grinning fool, as I watch the episode unfold knowing each minute will bring another […]


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