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Despite of what it may seem, I am an incurable romantic

Don't let the ideal of non-monogamy fool you

I came to appreciate the ideals of polyamory through the spiritual study of the concept of Twin Flames, which is quite certainly the most monogamy-driven idea in the world. For years I believed there is only one man in this world for me, he was The One, a God in man’s body – and nothing […]

“A Weakened State” prevents True Spirit Mirror reunions

A weakened state is caused by parents refusing to let go and overbearing societal expectations

“They grow up so fast” is the falsest statement of the century, we don’t grow up at all in some cases! Both the weakened male and weakened female are unable to express their sexuality freely, because they are still half-babies, unable to (fully) draw from that energy that would bond them together.

Commitment In As Simple Terms As Possible

You must ASK for it

This post is for people who aim to get a commitment out of a person BEFORE they allow themselves to fall deeply in love. The rest of you, chill, this is not about you, and you don’t need to submit yourself to this kind of thinking, but you might want to read, too. You, a […]

What a spiritual teacher recommends for celebrity love life

Every girl in the mass of fans are all in tears for their love for you screaming your name. Their emotions are running high and the energy could be cut with a knife. Every second Twitter message says the same thing: I love you, I love you, I love you! Don’t worry, this is not […]

Classics: I have to think differently

It’s the night of Saint Valentine’s day, I just came home after a party with few friends and pals. It doesn’t happen often that someone asks a question about me that I cannot answer straight away. That is what happened this evening. The person in question told me he is a regular visitor to this […]

Twitter tips for celebrities (and wanna-be ones)

Don't feel guilty for not retweeting

Did you realize that every time you retweet something, everyone who follows you gets the retweet into their timeline unless they disable it from you specifically? This is to say, that when a fan requests you to “retweet this for my birthday”, please ignore them. If you don’t find the tweet interesting enough to actually […]

Is there an alternative to the New Age concept of Twin Flames (Twin Soul)?

Yes, there is. There are several, in fact, all of which I am sure I have not heard of. Twin Flames have become the most written about concept that attempts to explain the intense connection people feel toward a complete stranger, but it is not the only spiritual theory about true love. There are at […]

True Spirit Mirror (Solid Mirrors)

How Solid Thinkers fall in love

The True Spirit Mirror (equivalent to the most awe-striking descriptions of the Twin Flame theories, some theoretical differences aside) is the ultimate soul connection. The love at first sight, the “us against the world”, the “together forever” -type. This soulmate type defies all logic, doesn’t fit the norm, is completely sexual and spiritual at the same time. It includes all chakra connections, notably the 3rd eye in addition to all others, and all areas of life in one person. Complete unison. Must be developed and “tried”, though, doesn’t exist out of the box. This may have already been done over previous lifetimes.

Often regarded or abandoned as “Too good to be true” “Passion like that won’t last forever”, or “nobody is REALLY that perfect.” Sense of being deceived or taken for a fool, fear of being too gullible, all of these feelings is a threat to this connection.

What to do if my Twin Flame is married and committed?

I wanted to write this post because I can offer you an objective point of view considering I don’t know whether or not my twin flame is married. These are the things one ponders when thinking about that possibility. I would like to consider the morals of the situation first: If you have chosen to […]

How do you go from smart to being a genius

Teach yourself a new way of thinking

I have always been smart. I haven’t been brilliant, I’ve gotten through life without major hardships and never considered anything overly demanding, but life, the way it was presented to me failed to give me any real satisfaction. A few years ago I started feeling restless. Increasingly restless. I felt my life was lacking purpose, […]


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